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Trees for a small garden


I would be grateful for any suggestions you may have. The prime reason is that I would like to attract more birds to my back garden. I get plenty pigeons but no pretty birds e .g bluetits etc.

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I planted a small Crabapple tree - birds are currently enjoying the fruits and we are loving watching their antics!

If you fill a bird feeder with Sunflower hearts you may attract various Tits, Robins and Goldfinches to your garden. Our feeder is close to a Pittosporum shrub so they are able to dart in and out.

12 Jan, 2022


I love Rowan as it is a small but native tree. Hawthorn is also a good tree. Holly, Yewsome of the more upright conifers would also be a good choice as well as Crab apple as mentioned.

12 Jan, 2022


I have rowans, too. And I love holly, but slow-growing. I also agree with crab apple as an idea. The redwings flocked to mine in the winter.

12 Jan, 2022


I had most success attracting Tits and other small birds when my shrubs got large and mature they seem to love the Weigela and its near a Rowan tree so they flit from one to the other.
I also find leaving a garden fork in the soil brings out a Robin every time lol
What I have learnt is how much garden birds hate Spinners great to keep the herons at bay but the other birds also dislike them.

12 Jan, 2022


I have crab apple trees Marjorie but onluy get the blackie eating the berries.
There are lots of small trees and one I love is the Amelenchia Lamarkii. Ialso have a rowen tree but only planted it last year so will have to wait and see which birds go to it!

13 Jan, 2022


The bluetits and coaltits that visit my garden Marjorie always make for my roses first which is good as they keep the tiny insects at bay...

15 Jan, 2022


We find bluetits love an evergreen near the birdtable, to hide in in between feeding. Maybe one of your shrubs you mentioned in your profile would fill the bill as a good site for a table?

This site has lots of suggestions.

15 Jan, 2022


Our bluetits and robins love our Amelanchier lamarkii.

16 Jan, 2022

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