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Some Autumn pictures


Well – after a certain amount of time experimenting, I have discovered that I can upload photos from the iPad when using Safari (the in-house browser) but not when using Chrome (the Google version). I am so pleased, because the iPad has a better camera than my camera (!)

So here we go – not exceptional, but my own!

The Boston Ivy has had its annual haircut, so we can now see out of the bathroom and landing windows! In actual fact, the effect from indoors was of rather beautiful green curtains :

I thought Happy Wedding Day was finished, but it is producing a second flush :

One of my absolute favourites at this time of year – Sedum Autumn Joy (or herbstfreude, in German). I love it, and so do the butterflies :

One of my sons gave me this hydrangea for Mother’s Day. It was in full flower, and must have been forced. I put it outside after the flowers had finished, and it staggered for a bit, but gradually recovered. I am delighted to see it flowering again – there are several flowers buds as well. I shall take it into the cold greenhouse for the winter, but hope it will now survive as an outdoor plant :

The colours of these peony leaves are lovely. It makes a lovely and unexpected display just now :

The half barrel has fully recovered from being emptied and refilled two years ago. I got some oxygenating plants from a local aquarium shop, which are now just about filling the tub. The water has been clear all year. And now the flowering water plant (can’t remember the name, sorry) is in bloom – it missed last year. It’s like a tiny gladiolus, but this is not a very good picture, I’m afraid :

This is the Passion Flower I bought from the supermarket for £2.50. It is finally producing buds, and I’m just hoping they still have time to open. If they do, it should be good!

This Goldenrod looks quite demure – but in fact I have loads of it, and it is huge! I am very fond of it. In early summer, the emerging leaves make well-shaped clumps, and when it flowers in late summer it is the ultimate bee magnet. It gets smothered – I can hear them from the kitchen door! It gets a bit unruly, and seeds all over the place. I just pull it up (sooner rather than later – it produces deep roots) if it’s in the wrong place, but I leave it over winter for the sake of wildlife.

My fuchsias have had a really good year. This is Swingtime, in its third year. It is a very good performer – I have three plants, and they all do really well :

I am gradually adding to the cyclamen in the garden. I have managed to keep most of them from one year to the next, so I am hoping these will survive beyond this season:

The Cyclamen Hederifolium are well established – they were first planted in the late seventies. They spread quite prolifically, and are always a welcome sight – even though they signal the end of the summer.

And we have reached the end of summer, but what a lovely summer it has been. And there is still so much to enjoy in the garden, and loads of work to do! And then there’s next year to plan and plant for. So – are we at the end, or the beginning? ?

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Good question Melchi! It's definitely the start of bulb planting season, and next it will be fruit tree and rose pruning season, and it's also lawn scarifying're right...we are never short of a job to do! Your water plant is Schizostlis or Kaffir Lily I think, and I'm glad I'm not the only one with a Passion flower refusing to bloom. But mine doesn't even have buds yet!

30 Sep, 2014


Well - I look at the oldest bud daily, but it shows no sign of breaking. I have never grown passion flower before. I know there are quite a few types, so I'm interested to see what it will look like. Whether or not my curiosity will be satisfied remains to be seen!

30 Sep, 2014


So glad you have managed to upload your photos. The fuchsia pics are upside down and it makes the flowers look quite exotic and unusual!

Your cyclamen are loooking lovely.

30 Sep, 2014's all the right way up on my IPad....this always happens to me too if I use IPad camera!

30 Sep, 2014


Is it only the fuchsia pictures that are upside down, Stera? How odd if so! I notice that the peony picture is square on my iPad - I don't understand that, either!

30 Sep, 2014


Hi Melchisedec. I love the view of your house :) It looks friendly :o)
You have some interesting and colourful plants. It's nice to see them lasting well into the autumn :)

30 Sep, 2014


Apparently, it depends on whether you hold your iPad upright or sideways to take the pics. I had the same trouble! Do an experiment to find out, as I've forgotten...

1 Oct, 2014


Thank you, Hywel - that's a lovely compliment! We have lived in this house for 42 years, and loved it the minute we stepped into it.

Thank you for that advice, Spritz. I did wonder whether that was the case. I am going to have a go right now! It is just too convenient not to give up without a fight!

1 Oct, 2014


Oh boy - I've just accessed this from my PC! I didn't realise all the photos are all over the place. Sorry about that, folks. I have now made my experiments, and know at exactly which orientation I need to hold the iPad, so - with any luck - this will not happen again!

1 Oct, 2014


So many people have had the same problem Melchi - glad to hear you've sorted it!

1 Oct, 2014


Well - I hope I have! Time will tell!

1 Oct, 2014


A lovely house with plenty of Character looking lovely now its had its haircut,lol.
You have some lovely plants brightening the garden and I do love that fuchsia `springtime`.

1 Oct, 2014


Thank you, Stroller! The fuchsias have been really good this year, and still going strong. I am hoping to overwinter them all.

1 Oct, 2014


Hi, I think Karen is right about your water plant, my guess would be Schizostylis coccinea, Viscountess Byng, if so the flowers of this 1 are particularly vulnerable to frost damage, Derek.

1 Oct, 2014


Did you know 'they' have changed its name? We are supposed to call it 'Hesperantha coccinea' now.

I can't keep up with these constant name changes. :-Z

2 Oct, 2014


Hi, thank you Spritz, I didn't know that, I wish they'd leave things alone, you learn these names in your youth, and then when you get older, and your memory starts to let you down, they start changing the names :-) Derek.

2 Oct, 2014


I agree! Why is Autumn Joy now Herbstfreude? It's exactly the same name, except in a different language!

Thanks for the info on the water plant, Derek. And the update, Spritz ?

2 Oct, 2014


I love your Boston Ivy, Suzanne. I agree with Hywel about the friendly look of your house. It reminds me of my grandma's house in Lytham, which I loved as a child. Your Happy Wedding Day and sedum are beautiful, too. I didn't realise Kaffir lilies were water plants. I have red in the front and pink in the back garden, but in the borders. They're very pretty, but not flourishing, so now I'm thinking that they may prefer to be in a damp spot. Your solidago also appeals to me. especially if it's a bee magnet.

2 Oct, 2014


Thank you, Tuesdaybear. I'm glad you like the house. The solidago is not to everyone's taste - it does need watching, and grows into large clumps. But it's probably the most bee-friendly plant I know, and personally, I rather like it. It's the common-or-garden Goldenrod.

I didn't know that what I have in my barrel is Kaffir Lily. They are really pretty - more and more flowers are opening, very delicate and a lovely colour. I bought them from the water plant section at the GC, the pot was submerged in a tank and I put it straight into the barrel, standing on a brick.

3 Oct, 2014


Thanks for sharing your wonderful autumn colour with us,
very much to the "purple" end of the spectrum; my favourite colours!

Thanks again


12 Oct, 2014


Thank you, David - I am glad you like the photos.

There's still a lot of colour in the garden but the trees aren't as colourful as they sometimes are at this time. Maybe they're just late, though. Time will tell!

14 Oct, 2014


Yes, trees are not colouring yet; I feel this is due to the mild, wet weather; the trees are green because they are still growing! Once they are under stress from dryness or frost, I'm sure we shall start to see autumn colour.

16 Oct, 2014


Yes, I'm sure you're right. Most things are still growing here. When the first frosts arrive, there'll be a sudden change.

17 Oct, 2014


That's interesting about the Kaffir lily. A friend locally has lots growing in a dry border. They must be very tolerant plants!

17 Oct, 2014


I didn't know the plants I have are Kaffir Lilies, or that they are water plants. I had some growing in the border a few years ago. These are lovely, though, and after a year off in 2013, they have been beautiful.

18 Oct, 2014

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