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A sunny afternoon in Autumn


It’s a lovely afternoon and OH and I are enjoying sitting in the sun, reflecting that there will probably not be many more days like this in 2014. What a lovely summer we’ve had – lots of sun, but no drought. We are lucky enough to have been able to take advantage of every minute of good weather, and have spent hours outside, either completing various tasks, or – more often!- just sitting and reading.

So, as I sit here and look round the garden, I am enjoying the lovely light that bathes everything at this time of year. Inevitably, of course, I am also aware of some of the things I should be doing. Well, they’ll have to wait for another day!

Some of the baskets are definitely coming to an end. I always pack the plants in tight, and the ones still flowering are jostling for the last sustenance in the compost. The lobelias are well over and have been removed. The petunias that I bought already flowering are done, though some others still remain. The begonias, both fibrous and tuberous are still performing well, especially the latter.

The goldenrod is still smothered with bees, although it is starting to go to seed, so are the lavender and the Michaelmas daisies. We had a bumble bee nest under the eaves at the front earlier in the summer. It didn’t seem to last long. Not one bee or wasp have we had inside this year – several have flown in through the French window, but straight back out again.

I cleared out the greenhouse. I confess it is sometimes more like a shed. Once the tomatoes are finished, I intend to overwinter all my fuchsias (about a dozen) as well as the tuberous begonias, and the Glowing Embers (the jury is still out as to whether it is tuberous or not). There are a few other plants in baskets/tubs that I intend to try to keep. I have been fortunate in previous years, so here’s hoping!

Here are a few pictures of what’s pleasing me at the moment. Nothing unusual or outstanding, but just the things that make me smile!

Ok – so no photos!

I took them on the iPad, but having updated to iOS8, I cannot upload them! Well – could email them to myself, access them via the laptop and then save them to My pictures, upload them from there, but…

Yes I will. After all, I am retired, aren’t I?

I have absolutely no idea how the photo of a fuchsia has appeared. I have not selected it for this blog, and it does not show up on the draft, but on “save and preview” there it is! Bugs, gremlins and …? And now it’s sideways which it wasn’t before!


Well, I’ve had a happy hour and twenty minutes working on that…

Most of the images are sideways, and I can’t figure out how to fix that. As well as using a new iPad, my new laptop uses Windows 8, which I am just learning how to use. For the sake of my blood pressure, I am leaving it at that, so you’ll have to imagine my fuchsias, sedums, busy lizzies, ivy, Michaelmas daisies, passionflower, cyclamen, box, goldenrod and sorted greenhouse!

On reflection, perhaps that’s just as well!


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I can't believe the fuchsia photo is now the right way up. When I first accessed this, it was sideways!

24 Sep, 2014


Oh dear! I'm imagining your lovely garden as best I can, and making a 'note to self' never to buy a laptop! Sorry you've had such a frustrating time Susanne :((

25 Sep, 2014


It's not the laptop, it's the iPad. I absolutely love it, but it works on a entirely different system, and I'm not yet able to combine the two easily. I had taken the photos with the iPad, and can't upload them directly with the new operating system just released. Next time, I'll use my camera and blog via the laptop, then there'll be no problem. It'll all sort itself out eventually anyway!

25 Sep, 2014


I get the impression that you're a good 'techie', while I remain a 'technoprat' !

25 Sep, 2014


Melchi this one is a fascinating read, lol, enjoyed it all, my tablet takes marvellous photo's but no matter what I do they always come up sideways if I use any of them in my blogs, I make sure they are the correct way up in my pics folder but they turn sideways once entered onto goy.
Your fuschia is sideways to me but its a beauty, the rest of the garden sounds about like mine, some hanging on and others showing the autumn look, I keep popping out with the secateurs deadheading so as to keep the colour as long as possible..

25 Sep, 2014


Thanks, Lincslass, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Funny about that fuchsia photo. I have absolutely no idea how it got there. I can't load any photos, and I certainly didn't even try to load that one!

25 Sep, 2014


I'm not very very techie, Sheila, but I have been using a computer since the early 80s, and have managed to keep reasonably up to date. There's an awful lot of stuff I can't do, though. Thank goodness for Google and YouTube, so I can usually find out how to do things when I'm stuck!

25 Sep, 2014


Not on my computer, Snoop! I didn't even load it - it's not part of this blog!

25 Sep, 2014


Mines showing it sideways on ! oh well what the heck we've all got to learn ... what you can see it's full of lovely bloom ....

25 Sep, 2014


I don't think you needed photos. Your description is perfect, and I can imagine your garden. It looks lovely :)

25 Sep, 2014


Sideways on mine as well

26 Sep, 2014


Thank you, Hywel, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't load this photo on to this blog, folks! I can't load any photos from my iPad since I upgraded to iOS8. No idea how it got here, right way up, upside down or sideways. It wasn't in the draft.

26 Sep, 2014


Oh Mel, you do make me smile ! It could only happen to you ! You better get back to sitting in the sun and reading! Today its been like the middle of summer and I too sat outside with my book ! It was that hot at one point that the sun cream came out ! I have a feeling today was the last day though ! never know !

28 Sep, 2014


I think Autumn is definitely here, Rose. There may be more sunny days - I hope so, but I think the real sitting-out time has passed. Just as well - there's loads to do!

I am learning about my new gadgets all the time, and thoroughly enjoying myself. Photos upload fine from the laptop, so no problems really!

Enjoy yourself!

28 Sep, 2014


I knew you could do it ! I'll just stick to my lap top, not into much else ! lol. I think today was the last sunny day ! never know !

2 Oct, 2014


I don't give up easily, Rose!

Perhaps we have a bit more sunshine yet! It's been lovely here today. The sun has been a bit hazy, but boy, has it been warm!

Lots of things have been producing an unexpected second flush, and there are berries an seed heads as well. Lovely!

3 Oct, 2014

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