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By mizzle


Good morning everyone! For the first time in 2 years I’m having a coffee on the patio without running around after a child and/or bribing him with a few episodes of peppa pig to get some peace and quiet!! It was our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday, so my mum took the boy overnight (for the first time!) and we went out in Glasgow until very late. Waaaaay past my bedtime!

The great thing is, when I do set about doing the gardening, my boy “helps”! I’m so pleased that he enjoys the outdoors like me (and not so much the gaming like his dad but I know that will probably change as he gets older!). I’m enjoying his enthusiasm while it lasts lol

I’ve done a bit more to the garden this year than last because a certain someone can run about himself so we’re back to the garden being tidier and more organised than the house!

This is my next project:

I think it’s couch grass so I dug a trench to stop it spreading and I think I’ll cover it over the winter to “encourage” it to die off then dig it up next spring. I’ve been reluctant to do this because, as you may be able to see in the photo, there are some beautiful blue flowers in among it that I didn’t want to destroy but couldn’t find where the base of the plant is! However, I found the exact same thing in B&Q just by chance so I’m not worried about losing the plant now. It’s called lithodora apparently – I just love the colour!

I also can’t wait to see what colour my hollyhock is! It’s keeping me in suspense! Are they normally slow to flower because mine has been looking like this for weeks!

My strawberries and raspberries are rubbish this year :( All leaf and no fruit! But I did get some very sour blackberries and the usual truck load of rhubarb! The blueberries are beginning to ripen too so I’m looking forward to some pancakes!

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer xx

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I bet you savoured your coffee! Glad you enjoyed your evening. That Lithodora is a stunning colour.

6 Jul, 2017


If you keep digging and pulling any bit of couch grass and root you can erradicate it as I did in one of my old garden back in the 80s you just have to be persistant I even won a bet with a neighbour I would clear all of ut lol . Pretty Pansey and that blue is lovely glad your enjoying your garden.

6 Jul, 2017


Lol, your blog did put a smile on my face, remembering when my girls where small and how hard it was to get anything done. Enjoy the time you spend in the garden, it's lovely that he wants to help you. Jen

6 Jul, 2017


I'm glad to know you've been able to do something in your garden. Your boy will probably always like the garden if he shows an interest in it now :)

6 Jul, 2017


Thanks for reading my post everyone! Appart from "losing" the tarragon plant (I've genuiely no idea what happened to it!) his enthusiasm or helping has been great fun and fairly disaster-less!

Thanks for the tip tpb. I've been doing that on the other side of the trench so its good to know my efforts arent in vain!

6 Jul, 2017


If it cheers you up Mizzle I couldn't see any couch grass.
That has broader leaves than it looks as though yours has though its not always easy to tell from a general photo.. If you dig up a clump (well way from the Lithodora!)and it is couch you'll see some thick white very healthy looking roots among the ordinary brown ones. Those are the ones that run. But I think your grass is a different sort though I'm not a grass expert.
If so digging it out shouldn't take any more energy than digging a ditch.

7 Jul, 2017


Any tiny bits of the roots you must pull out to sounds as though your doing a grand job of trying to rid it its far easier than erraticating bind weed.

7 Jul, 2017


Thrupennybit, in my old house the bindweed would come under, through and over the back fence from the nature reserve, then disappear and resurface near the front of the garden. It must of made it's way under the lawn.

When we moved two years ago, I thought great no more bindweed. Then two weeks ago, what did I spot? Yes, the dreaded bindweed coming the next door neighbours! Aaarrrgh!

7 Jul, 2017


I remember the joy of the first time I had free time when OH took both girls out to a petting farm. Oh what did I do? Sat in the garden with a coffee just doing nothing. enjoy it while you can.

7 Jul, 2017


Oh my goodness I hope I never have to deal with bindweed!! Sounds terrible!

Thanks for giving me hope stera! The wee bits I've been pulling up from the other side of the trench do have some healthy long white roots which is what made me think of couch grass. But I'm certainly no grass expert either so it could be something else.

Haha thanks SB. My mum does the babysitting on Sunday afternoons so, while I should be doing the washing/cleaning the fish tank/clearing out cupboards/hoovering/etc etc, I'm pottering around in the garden! There's always something to do out there!

7 Jul, 2017


Lisa I pitty you if next door has it and if they dont bother trying to eradicate it like me you ll be fighting flooding battle
the other side of my fence on my fence in the church yard from top to botom length of my garden fence it runs all along and 6ft high along with their brambles both under and over the fence so I know how you feel..

8 Jul, 2017


Enjoy that coffee, Mizzle, and the time with your little one.

Bindweed is so invasive but I do find something satisfying in hauling away at a particularly long specimen.

8 Jul, 2017


Oh well Mizzle, I always try to look on the bright side. But whatever sort of grass it is you'll need to have a go at digging it out. If it is couch it will reappear a bit at a time so if you keep on top of it then its only a matter of time.Probably lots of time...

8 Jul, 2017

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