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The last time I wrote a blog post I told you all that my toddler was old enough to “help” a bit and that he would potter around while I did some gardening. Little did I know that I was actually pregnant again at that very moment! So last year I was back to not being able to do anything because I had a little newborn girl clinging to me!

This year, I’m trying to get back into it again even though Freja has only just turned 1 and still can’t help! I feel it’s important to show Joseph where his food comes from and continue to nurture his interest in nature.

Last October we went to Arnprior Farm just outside Stirling and picked our own pumpkins! We saved the seeds and kept them in a little bag in the kitchen all winter. A few weeks ago we planted the seeds in a propagater and we have some lovely plants forming!

We also planted pea and bean seeds but my mum got the packet from Aldi so I didn’t have much hope. Out of about 20 seeds we have 5 plants (which is more than I expected)!

This morning, we went to a charity garden called River Garden Auchincruive which is a rehabilitation programme for people who are recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. We got 2 courgette planes, 2 broccoli and a squash for £1.50!! My mum got a load of training lobelia for a fiver. Will definitely go back there for plants, especially if we get some edibles :)

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Well done for giving Joseph and excellent gardening start - hope it opens up a lifetime's satisfaction for him. Sure you will do the same for little Freja too

18 May, 2019


congrats on having a little girl too. they will bring so much joy.
the plants you have will really encourage Joseph to eat his greens. though having said that one of my grils didn't like eating them as she said she was killing them. so we always grew extra so that her plants didn't get eaten.

Look forward to more blogs as Josephs plants develop.

19 May, 2019


Congratulations on your baby girl. It is good to hear that you are encouraging the children to understand where their food comes from and how they need to interact with the soil to be successful in growing plants for food and pleasure. I hear so many adults saying how they hate wasps until I explain their benefits in the food chain. The children will quickly learn that some other users of your garden are best left alone but they can allow the ladybirds to explore their hands with no danger. This is an exciting time in their lives and they will absorb knowledge from you so do let us know how you are getting on.

19 May, 2019


Thanks guys. Joseph loves looking for ladybirds! And Freja is happy, for the moment, just watching me from the cosy coupe car :) It’s been a hard lesson for me to let them “help” in the best way they can... which is really just creating more work for me!! There's compost and dirt everywhere! But I love all the questions and intrigue! I’ll let you know how we get on...

20 May, 2019

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