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Keen to get back!


By mizzle


Hello everyone! You may not remember me from a few years ago – I suddenly found a passion for gardening in 2014 when I moved into a new house with its very own garden (lived in flats previously). Gardening had to go on hold when I got pregnant that winter and never took off again because being a working Mum is blooming hard work!! Stating the obvious I know but I’m a first timer haha

A few weeks ago, we put on our warm jackets and hats and went into the garden to play on the slide. As it turns out The Boy wanted to run about so I took the time to tidy up the leaves, twigs and bits n bobs that had blown in or around during the winter storms. Things were looking good! Except the weeds. The weeds are taking over!

So yesterday my husband and I had a rare day off together and he supervised nap time which meant I got out into the garden properly for the first time in 2 years!!

This is where the fruit garden was supposed to be. There are raspberry bushes, a blackcurrent bush and strawberries but they’re hard to make out!

I dug out the grass and lifted the weeds which was surprisingly easy since a lot of it was dead and the new growth hasn’t really taken hold yet.

And I gave the rhubarb patch a bit of a polish too because I love my rhubarb! It came with the house but it’s so easy to look after…

You can see there’s wee rhubarb buds starting up already. We haven’t had much frost this winter so I’m not sure if the rhubarb will be as happy this year… we’ll see.

The patio pots are annoying me:

I know I can’t do much about it just now though, it’s only February!

On the subject of replanting pots, would you recommend changing ALL the soil or just using soil improver and fertiliser? I never know what to do with old soil… like the stuff from the potato buckets; It’s gets put in a black bag and flung down the side of the garage but I know that’s not the correct answer :)

Hope you’re all doing good xx

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I think we can all relate

17 Feb, 2017


welcome back to the real world of motherhood and gardener. been there and done that. well done on becoming a mother too , one of the best and hardest jobs ever. But the most rewarding [most of the time ;o) ]

as for the spent compost: I tend to put it on the flower beds so if there is any nutrient left it helps improve the soil and as the worms take it down it improves the texture of the soil. weed it first though. any pests seem to get eaten by the birds too.

as for your pots why not pop in some primulas they will brighten them up and if you treat them as annuals and most people do, don't bother changing the compost in the pots just top them up if they need it.
then when you are going to do the summer planting use fresh compost then.
whats in the middle one? it looks a bit like sage.

the rhubarb looks promising, mine is at the same stage as yours.

17 Feb, 2017


Putting used compost on the beds tends to improve the texture of the soil so I would never throw it away unless it was diseased or has vine weevil grubs or other nasties in it.. In a large pot you can leave half the original compost and top up with fresh.

17 Feb, 2017


I've just come back after 4 years. Just getting into the swing of gardening again (been pretty lazy) although garden does look a lot different to last time I was on here. Need to take some pictures soo. Welcome back to you

19 Feb, 2017


Personally, I would replace the soil/compost in the pots. Get all the weeds out and use the old compost as a mulch around plants or just generally on top of beds.

22 Feb, 2017


Thanks everyone! I've started on the herb pots by lifting out some compost, getting rid of weeds and thinning out the herbs. The lemon balm is taking over the world at the moment because, despite being in a pot, it has managed to spread everywhere! It's going to take time but I'll get there!

SB - that is sage! You have a good eye! It's looking a bit sorry for itself though :(

7 Apr, 2017


give the sage a hair cut. trim back by a third . the lemon balm self seeds freely too. so I always dead head it to help keep it in check. it can send runners out the bottom of the pot too so worth moving it about and checking periodically.

7 Apr, 2017


Haha funny you should say that! I tried to lift the pot yesterday and got stuck - there was a huge root through the bottom of the pot and in between the patio slabs!!! Naughty lemon balm!
I'll do that with the sage - thanks for the tip!

9 Apr, 2017

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