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Happy New Year to all GoYers ........


By nariz


but not to the blighters in the Post Office who cut open a card from Partner’s parents to see if there was anythig of value in it – there wasn’t … we have more sense! – then stuck it down with sellotape and delivered it three weeks late!

Nor do I wish Happy New Year to whoever – again in Royal Mail – has purloined the package sent to me by my daughter to her sister’s address where I was staying!

What is wrong with these people????!!!!!! I KNOW the world is in financial crisis but does that mean we have to tolerate this theft? Like most people, I am also finding things tight, but I don’t go stealing from other people!
I sincerely wish that ANYONE who perpetrates such a miserable crime during “goodwill to all men” season has no luck at all in their lives – EVER!

Sorry guys – rant over, but it makes my blood boil so I just had to unload to somebody and, unfortunately, you guys were in the line of sight!

I hope every GoYer had a wonderful Christmas and, like the rest of the world, I look forward to a Happy, Healthy and HONEST New Year.

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Oh :o( There's always a down side isn't there.

I hope the rest of the year will be happy for you Nariz.

2 Jan, 2013


We feel exactly the same Nariz, Royal Mail is certainly not what it was. Hubby sent two display cases by RM....they were smashed and not delivered because of this...then not that was £50 down the drain. He's found couriers here just as cheap.

Here's to a New Year, let's hope they can get it better....Happy 2013!

2 Jan, 2013


well I know what you mean. but hows this for daftness?
eldest girl ordered a customized phone case for her self and her best mate back in November. Hers came a week before christmas. Her mates didnt. she checked the web to see what was going on. it said hers was 25% in production and the other was 50%. now if hers was in 25% production and she had it where was the other one?

2 Jan, 2013


I hate to hear this Nariz. These thieving B******s give us all a bad name!
The sad thing is that they no longer carry out such stringent checks. I can only presume due to the costs. Without getting too political RM is being brought to its knees so support for privatisation is increased.
I've worked for RM for 26 years and know that the vast majority of staff are not thieves and do treat other people's property with respect.

2 Jan, 2013


This incident is by no means the only time simple greetings cards from or to me have been 'tampered with.' It seems to me that sending anything by post these days is simply offering up goods on a plate for anyone to take! The term 'lost in the post' must be a dictionary entry by now! I'm sure we all have stories of dealings with RM and I do know there ARE some decent people in their employment - I'm not condemning ALL RM employees and, having had relatives working in RM, I know there used to be those stringent checks you mentioned Scottish - I just wonder why 'used to be?' It's obvious they should be continued rigorously. It's just so sad that some people seem to think they're being offered 'perks' when they take employment handling other people's property. Complaining to RM is a waste of time as how can anything - unless a receipt is taken out when posting - be proven? And how many pairs of hands does one item of post pass through? This is not the world I was brought up in!

3 Jan, 2013


I've never had any trouble with RM.
And Snoopdog, I think you get good and bad people all over the world. British people are no better than anyone else.

3 Jan, 2013


I agree with Hywel, there's good and bad everywhere, however my own experience with RM is don't send anything of value, unless it's receipted and packed within an inch of it's life and written all over 'fragile'...but to be honest I prefer to use a carrier whenever possible.
In the run up to Christmas RM take on lots of casual staff, so I suppose one or two bad apples are bound to slip through.

3 Jan, 2013


Unfortunately it's not just the run up to Christmas, Waddy. I've had vouchers removed from inside a birthday card in April before now - TWICE! Nothing is safe in the post these days!

3 Jan, 2013

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