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My pathetic veg patch


This is my veg patch, at least I got it started this year after having flu 5 times between December to May which delayed me getting much done at all.

I moved here in December and this area had a tree in it, which is the one I moved to the other end of the garden and it went all sulky on me and I don’t know if it will recover. It was also full of weeds about 2 feet high that had also run into the lawn. And about half of it was overshadowed by the tree on the right of it which I have cut right back. So hopefully next year it won’t be so neglected and I can get a better start.

My bean plants all got demolished, I think by the pigeons I have visit. I’ve moved the bird feeder further away plus put the scary yellow metal flower there. The corn looks like it will survive and I have just planted the pepper plants in there. Only about 8 of them survived after I had about 30 seedlings. Lots of them drowned as they were sitting in trays with no drainage. So I’m a pepper murderer, or at least pepperslaughterer, by neglect. Oh bad me! I still haven’t started any lettuces :D

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I was always told by the men on the allotment where I had a plot never grow veg near trees as they sap all the life out of the soil around it.

Sorry to hear you have Pigeon to distorying your crop of Beans if there is water in your garden this will entice them in. You seem to have done well clearing the weeds. lol murder of peppers

12 Aug, 2017


Well at least you've made a start.

Killer of 22 Pepper seedlings and
1 Tree thinking about it!

Things can only get better!

13 Aug, 2017


You're just starting in a new garden. It will take time. You'll get better results next year :)

13 Aug, 2017


Yes it can hope to see the result s in future.☺

14 Aug, 2017


Thank you for the encouragement :)

15 Aug, 2017


Pam I've been murdering veg all my gardening life, any that I was lucky enough to see survive also rarely benefitted me, the darn pigeons used to get there first, gradually I changed to flowers and shrubs, now I only grow salad crops and green beans, you carry on, you'll get there and remember enjoy your garden, otherwise it becomes a chore and who needs those, lol....

15 Aug, 2017


Thank you Lincslass. I only do it because I enjoy it so much. Even if things die off I've had fun trying to keep them alive. I laugh at the pigeons so if they eat my plants it's a tradeoff.

I love the smell of the earth and the greenness. I love the feel of the earth when I'm planting. I generally just use my hands, for the enjoyment. And I only use gloves when I really can't manage without.

It took me around 4 years to figure out my move to here. Once I figured out how to finance it, it took me over a year from the first place I viewed that I liked, mine went up same day but didn't get a good enough offer in time for that one. Then it took almost a year after that keeping on looking. I only viewed about 5 places in that time because I was determined to have a private garden, could not afford a bungalow, and most flats are communal garden or none.

I absolutely love this place, even though the house needs major work on it, that will work out somehow, I never know how but it always does. I have found that out over the years and I'm now over 50 and have survived, somehow :D

I wander out into the garden, don't worry about what needs doing but just do bits as and when I can. Try to plan a bit. And sit or lay on the lawn and enjoy the fresh air and peacefulness. I love just taking my time seeing what is different every time I go out there.

One thing I do want to get is a rhubarb crown. I think my dad might give me one of his. I had one many years ago and it was so lovely to just go and pick what I wanted to eat, and it never ran out, and that was with feeding my 2 younguns as well.

Then I had one in my raised border in my other place, that my dad gave me, but it didn't do well at all. But hopefully here another one will thrive and I can enjoy it again.

16 Aug, 2017

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