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While you were out!

While you were out!

Just going over the threshold last summer. This visitor is totally harmless, but imagine him slithering over your slippers when you're watching tv in a darkened room! How high would you jump?

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great pic, and yep i would imagine id jump pretty high lol

14 Jun, 2008


I love his yellow belly! Nice shot.

14 Jun, 2008


It doesn't bear thinking about.

14 Jun, 2008


One day last summer I let my dog and myself into my parents' garden as I usually do when I visit, turned the corner and froze !!!!!!!
There under Jasper's feet was one of these sunning itself on the path between me and the back door. I leapt back to the gate , called the dog ......... and knocked on the front door.
Paul was fascinated by their visitor and was disappointed that it wasn't a viper.
It was mid-winter before I could bring myself to arrive at the back door again.

17 Jun, 2008


I would probably have a heart attack, I am petrified of snakes.

30 Jun, 2008


I love to find snakes in my garden, they keep the mice away. Living in an old farmhouse with stone foundation, it's hard to keep the little rodents out. So every snake near the house is a friend of mine.

10 Aug, 2008


me too Lisa, we need more where we are, not fond of them but like what they do!!

10 Aug, 2008


I have a bamboo grove which I leave 'untamed' except for the winding path through it (some photos elsewhere) and I know there are a lot of mice holes in it. I've even been startled to see the occasional barn owl fly through it above the path. So the area and inhabitants are well known!

11 Aug, 2008


grass snakes generaly are aquatic hunters mainly so watch ya golfish and frogs.sorry to rain on your perade but there lovley to see and they can only eat the little ones realy.

4 Nov, 2008


My Mother thought a heron was responsible for her fish diminishing in numbers, she will be surprised to learn that that the snake may be the culprit.

9 Nov, 2008


not may be is trust me

9 Nov, 2008


in answer to the slippers question, Muddy, in my case you'd have to tempt me back down from the ceiling. I'm very scared of snakes.

22 Jan, 2009


I wish I had my camera handy a month ago. I was breaking a hole in the ice for the fish in my pond when I saw a garter snake floating head down under the ice. I didn't want to find him dead and slimy on the bottom in the spring, so I pulled him out. Much to my surprise (and delight) he started moving. I took him in the house and he came to life. I can't believe he was alive suspended in the pond. He was probably fishing for my goldfish when the pond iced over and couldn't escape. Needless to say, I had to get my pickaxe out and dig a hole in the frozen ground so he could have a place to live for the winter. Hopefully,he will be out and about in the spring eating more bugs and mice. Probably some little fish and frogs too. We do need a way to keep the fish from overfilling the pond.

24 Jan, 2009


snakes have far more 2 worry about us just like the rest of the plannet.a herron will eat some quite amazingly large fish and lots of normaly notice fish that are left with nasty watch your pond liners

25 Jan, 2009

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