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Primula florindae

Primula florindae (Primula florindae)

These have been flowering since the beginning of July - the scent is amazing!

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I don't think they come under the Candelabra banner M - their common name is Giant Himalayan Cowslip, scent is cinnamon!

31 Aug, 2013


Very Nice,all the ones where the flowers continue upwards in tiers are commonly called candelabra.

1 Sep, 2013


I had one like this, but purple...scent was lovely. it disappeared though :(

1 Sep, 2013


Thanks for that Brian.
That's a shame Karen, I hope these don't!!

1 Sep, 2013


Wow! Gone in my favourites.

1 Sep, 2013


Yes mine also - I would love one of those if only for its scent!

1 Sep, 2013


I'm not too keen on cinnamon.
It involves a flask of coffee & a bottle of dark rum a few decades ago. ;-)
Such a pity, as I like this plant.

2 Sep, 2013


You don't have to sniff it mouldy. Anyway, you just can't tell us half a story, spit it out... The story not the drink!

2 Sep, 2013


An extremely cold winter, circa '87.
Doing fencing around building sites to keep out kids, thieves & fly-tippers, etc.
The upshot was the water, sand & cement were frozen solid, so we couldn't do any fencing.
We had to put in an appearance & stay for 8hrs standing guard or we didn't get paid.
My pal decided to bring a wee 'nip' to keep out the chill.
We added it to our flasks of coffee & it worked for a wee while, but the chill (with the windfactor added) leeched the warmth out of us very rapidly.
Day two, my turn, I brought a bottle of dark rum.
Oh, it went down a treat & did a better job than the half bottle of brandy the previous day.
Day three my mate brought another.
Me, I brought a packet of cinnamon & sprinkled some into our flasks.
We drank the bottle dry, then, with a flourish, I produced another bottle, which I'd kept mum about.
We jigged with joy, had a good slug each of the new bottle, toasting my cleverness, then emptied the packet of cinnamon directly into the bottle, as we'd ran out of coffee, and polished it off.
It was a long, bitterly cold day.
My pal headed off to get us rolls & a cuppa from a cafe, about three miles away.
He came back about ten minutes later minus rolls & cuppa, but with another bottle & a wee cannister of cinnamon.
The next day we both turned up at the site.
Neither of us had rum or cinnamon.
They're both strongly flavoured.
Together, maybe too strongly flavoured.
Today, nearly three decades later, I can bear the taste of dark rum, but not in large quanties.
Yeah, the odd pinch in cooking, but to smell it for days or weeks?
What do you think? Lol.

5 Sep, 2013


So you've scunnered yourself then!! He could have brought the rolls too - it might not have been as bad then :)

Let's see....Southern Comfort is my 'can't ever have again' - suffice is to say that on the morning after, a few of my customers (I was on the post then) had some odd looking deposits in their hedges ;) In fact, one of my customers a fellow postie (on night shift) actually did some of my delivery for me after taking pity on me hanging onto a tree in his neighbours garden!!
It's good at the time though, isn't it :))

5 Sep, 2013


You naughty girl Scottish I had you all wrong, will see you in a different light each time I speak to you

7 Sep, 2013


Brian, many a tale from being a postie on delivery - most of them would make your hair curl!!
Anyway, I'm not naughty - just easily led ;)

7 Sep, 2013


I used to use the 'led astray' line.
Hasn't worked, though, since around the late 60's. Lol.
Unfortunately, too many things still appeal as a good idea at the time & always will. ;-)
C'mon, B, 'your turn to fess up.
We won't tell a soul, we promise. Lol.

9 Sep, 2013


Very nice.

9 Sep, 2013

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