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Mango Tree's Heavy Flowering (Mangifera indica)

Mango Tree's Heavy Flowering (Mangifera indica) (Mangifera indica (Mango))

This mango tree has hundreds of thousands of flowers. It has so many flowers you can barely see the leaves on the tree! It should be loaded with ripe fruit by June or July. Photo taken Feb. 28, 2016 in San Diego, CA.

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Is that a normal, 75f summer San Diego or the hot 90f inland San Diego?
When I see things thriving at the coast down south? That tells me hot summers are not needed.

6 Mar, 2016


This mango tree is two miles south of me. It typically gets into the 80's or low 90's in summer just like where I live. The ones on the coast are flowering like crazy, also. I need to get some photos. Remember: many areas close to the coast in San Diego can get into the 80's in summer and the nights are warm 68 - 77 degrees for lows. The only area that's one of the cooler recording stations (and the official temp for San Diego is at Lindburgh Field). It's also the duration of warmth. Temps here at the coast don't fluctuate except for about 10 to 12 degrees in summer (they go up and down very slowly). This is very good for growing tropicals. That's why you see palms such as Hyophorbe langencaulis (Bottle Palms) thriving there. Coastal San Diego is the only place where it grows very well in California. Even the mildest areas around LA have problems growing this palm.

Most of the Bay Area has more drastic temperature drops at night.

7 Mar, 2016


I forgot to add: the reason why the mango trees are flowering so well this year is because the record heat. Mango trees require dry, hot weather to bloom well.

This was the hottest February on record in San Diego and with only .05 of inch of rain...barely a few drops.

7 Mar, 2016


I notice Andy- that by mid June,night temps for me area about 60f. Not warm..but not the coast's 52f. can be warm until midnight..70f..then the drop starts.
Not like it was when I was a kid.

7 Mar, 2016


Well, the weather all over is changing quite drastically. You make a very good point.

I never thought I would ever see tropical papayas growing in the SF Bay Area (besides Babaco and Mountain papayas)...and there they are...growing and producing fruit.

7 Mar, 2016


I notice Andy..that California Mango is very happy with four main trunks.
Mine is a triple. My thinking is,with my very marginal climate three trunks protect each other and hedge my best against cold.
If I was in Florida- cut,cut,a single trunk tree.
Its juuuust beginning to flush new tiny red leaves. Last year this time it was in bloom.
I just pruned the White Sapote,removed an Avocado that gave fruit so small,it wasn't even usable. That all is bringing more light to the Mango.
I tell ya,this rain and lots of it is making me pent up to get out to the yard. NOW,i have ideas-lol.

8 Mar, 2016


Most mango trees here have single trunks. This one and one not too far from me (which I discovered is dead now, not sure why) had multiple trunks. It produced beautiful colorful fruit.

This mango tree in the photo actually was flushing growth and you couldn't see it with all the flowers spikes. I love when mango trees flush growth, they're so beautiful!

8 Mar, 2016


I think that's a seedling. Most grafted Mangoes I have seen in bloom had those colorful blooms. I think the growers know that helps with sales.
Not something in stone...but seedlings tend to look wild with compact flower stalks.

10 Mar, 2016


It could be...most likely a polyebryonic seedling. They produce many seedlings from one seed. The trees are identical to the parent tree.

There's so many mango trres blooming like this here in San Diego. I just need the time to get more photos before they stop flowering. Many are flushing growth, also. Usually, the trees don't flush growth while flowering.

11 Mar, 2016


Its pouring buckets of rain here Andy right now. I had to put the Delonix,Snake plant and Adenium back on the porch out of rain.
This is a super wet system...2 more days of even heavier rains to go.
I hope because temps have been in the upper 60's the Papaya's dont keel over.
Just think,in February I watered them. What a change.

11 Mar, 2016


I heard you're in for some really heavy rains for almost a week. That's the kind of rain we need. It was 76 degrees here today and dry. Tomorrow evening we're suppose to get some rain, only less than a quarter inch, though. We need that rain you're having. I heard on the news Los Angeles will get quite a bit of rain, also. The northern storms always fizzle out by time they come here. The only time we get really heavy rains is when they come from the south.

The last storm Sunday, Monday was suppose to bring us two inches of rain. We received only about a half inch.
:>(( Some cities in Northern SD County received about an inch.

11 Mar, 2016

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