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now its the end of june in my first year of growing veg


Well now the sun is out in force everything is growing like mad, I tell you what I turn my back for a second and the plants have grown another 2 cm.

I’m so exited my courgette has got its first flower now the question is do I try one of theses master chief things and eat it or do I let it grow into something a lot bigger that will full the belly….hum… hard one that one.

The tomatoes are at last flowing and yes I have a few toms they are called yellow perfection, never eat yellow one’s before the ones I’m looking forward to are the chocolate ones, I wonder if they will be tasty keep an eye on this as and I will let you know.

The lattice and salad have taken off I’m now giving it away, everyday I’m now having salad with the meal also I think half the street as well, note to myself in my second year of growing next year less salad.

I don’t think I cannot or ever get over the excitement of growing something from seed and watching it grow to something I put on the table it makes me so happy, and WOW!!!!!!!! The taste is just so…yummy…fresh…tasty…crispy…juicy…its better than anything I can think off…

I now understand why my granddads grow there own veg, I wished they were still with me to point me in the right direction and guild me down the right road I wonder if they are proud of me doing my own veg for the first time?

Am I going to keep this up…you bet I am! I am so hooked that now when friends go away on hols I say to them if you want to buy me anything please a packet of seeds.

Still have had a few low points I wonder if so far its been beginners luck, before I started I read so many books and yes I enjoyed them all, I make my own fertilizer from nettles and comfrey and if anyone asks me what is my favourite book it’s the vegetable and herb expert by dr Hessayon if any of you have any you find very helpful please let me know.

Right the low point took up my first beetroots they had race track marks in them, what is that I asked my shelf…all of a sudden I felt something biting my skin when I looked…. oh no red ants and the little monsters have set up home with my beetroot, I ended up leaping around the veg patch beating these biting little devils of me my mini schnauzer thought I was playing so she joined in, me leaping around like a loony and the dog jumping up and dancing thinking mum now wants to play. Dug up the beetroots and red ant nest any ideas how to stop them next time?

Well had a go at growing carrots in a pot, done a pot with half sand and half compost and yes I got carrots will be doing that again next year.

I even got some flowers to grow from seed will do more of these next year as well, what do I sound like have not anything picked yet and I’m already planning next year

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great blog pottydottie , its a great feeling growing and eating your own fruit and veg and now that you have been bitten by the bug its hard to stop. i have been doing it for a few years now and thats a fine bunch of carrots for your first time . keep it up

30 Jun, 2010


What wonderful carrots......well done you !!

30 Jun, 2010


wow those carrots look lovely....I share your feeling of excitement in growing from seed and producing food to eat...I am in my second year and still have not got the hang of only producing enough for us and giving loads away too. Great satisfaction with the compliments i get, thats another bonus in doing this, yes i am hooked too.
The book i found interesting was Carol Klein 'grow your own veg' and the tv series.

Enjoy the sun

mrs m (debbie)

30 Jun, 2010


The carrots are awesome - hope mine turn out half that big!! :) This was my first year for a veggie garden, and I am definitely learning a lot!!!

30 Jun, 2010


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments it gives me the push in the back for the next step, I could not belive the carrots when I pulled them out, i have had them growing from march.
Thank you mrs m debbie i will get that book as it will give me somthing new to learn from.
I think with out the comments I get i think I might of given up on some things but again I can not than you all for your very kind words xx

1 Jul, 2010


You deserve a medal for all that lovely produce. Did you know you can pull out individual carrots if you only need one and let the rest grow on. Growing carrots in a pot is very sensible because it means there is less chance of the carrot fly getting at your carrots. Your beetroot would have been alright to eat if you had left them to grow. explains how to live with and get rid of unwanted ants.

1 Jul, 2010


Good ! I'm pleased you're doing so well. Glad you're growing flowers too. The eyes need something pleasant to look at lol.
And you can eat Nasturtiums - I saw them in one of your pics.

1 Jul, 2010


scotsgran and Hywel thank you both for your Comments

Scotsgran I didn't pick all the carrots still have a few going in the pot that lo9t was not enough as I could have easily eat more ;-)
Thank you so much for the site, still eat the beetroot but didn't tell any of the family as to what happened or it would have ended up in the bin LOL

Hywel i'm going to be thick here how do you eat them? and what do they taste like?

1 Jul, 2010


People put them in salards. You can eat the leaves and flowers aswell.
They say they have a mild peppery taste.

I had never tasted them until last year. A member on GoY got me to eat one - but I could taste nothing with it. No taste at all :o(
Maybe my taste buds are not working properly lol

1 Jul, 2010


Not sure I could bring myshelf around to eatting them after all the blackfly i found on them this morning. Lol maybe that was what you were missing? when you tried them LOL ;-)

3 Jul, 2010


Hi potty have a look at Moongrowers latest blog she tells you what to grow month by month. Its Growing by the moon in July. Click on Gardening Blogs and you will find it.

3 Jul, 2010


lol. Maybe they'd have a nice taste with those on lol. I don't think I'll be trying them again though ;o)

3 Jul, 2010


Thank you so much scotsgran.
Hywel I also think I will give them a miss but i might grow some in rhe greenhouse next year and give them ago LOL

4 Jul, 2010


That sounds a good idea :o)

4 Jul, 2010

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