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planting in shade to part shade


By Trouble

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I have a trelis and wanted to plant a vine with flowers on it. What plant would grow the best in zone 5 with shade? Or maybe a really tall plant that will show color in the shade?



You obviously have a lot of shade in youre garden. Is it shaded all day or just part of it. Is it shaded because of high walss or a tree etc?
Some pics would help if you could upload some.
I have quite a bit of shade in my garden. If you take a look at my pics it might help with some ideas of shade tolerant plants.

7 May, 2008


Thank you for your help!!!

I have a wall, three story building condo. But open to the north light. Which misses the morning and afternoon direct sun. Sometimes sprays of sun light will hit it earily earily morning and late evening but not long at all. However is has alot of day light, maybe you would call that filtered. I have no pictures to show you yet. Maybe tommorrow.

8 May, 2008

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