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Looking for a member that has a shade garden. Anybody out there.

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I do have some areas in my garden that are in the shade, Valerie - what would you like to know?

29 Nov, 2009


My Looking Glass & Jack Frost Brunnera's were being eaten by something this summer and the leaves became a mess. Do you know what I should be treating them with. Would like to be warned before next summer rolls around and I have it again. Thanks.

29 Nov, 2009


I commented on this somehere, Valerie. I think you need to inspect the leaves and see if you can spot any 'critters' there. That would mean getting some appropriate insecticide spray, if you found something.

Also - if you suffer from snails and slugs, try various means to protect the Brunneras - like gravel around them, or beer traps (I can't use those due to our Labrador!), or slug pellets. I'd try to find out exactly what was munching them if possible. Is there anything else that gets eaten near them?

29 Nov, 2009


I have had ordinary brunnera nibbled by slugs but not the jack frost.
so i suggest you use a slug killer. grit/crushed eggshells around the plant might also help too.

but as spritz says see if you can find any critters.

A large part of my garden is in shade too. :o)

29 Nov, 2009


I think it is a slug problem. Havn't seen any but it looks like their work. Thanks for your suggestions

30 Nov, 2009


You're welcome - keep in touch! We'd love to know what plants you grow. :-))

30 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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