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Helichrysum italicum


By Ualda

London, United Kingdom

Does some one know if the curry plant really repels cats?



it didnt in my garden :o(
and it was not a particularly nice plant, well i dont like it so it has gone to the shredder in the sky.
i bought a spud gun instead.

29 Jun, 2009


Is your aim good, do you wet the target? I sometimes try to spray them with the hose but they are faster them me. :)

29 Jun, 2009


I never found curry plant made any difference to cats. What did though, was my son's "supersoaker" water gun - I used to leave it full of water right by the window, snatch it up and hit the old tomcat with it. He was fast, but because I didn't have to get the hose and turn the tap on, I got him every time, till he stopped coming, well, when I was in anyway.
The supersoaker was one of those huge water pistols with a large chamber for the water and a shooting distance of up to 30 feet.

29 Jun, 2009


dont know if i ever hit one but the noise scared them. they take the quickest route through the garden and rarely linger if we are in to notice them.

29 Jun, 2009


I can vouch for the fact that helichrysum doesn't work as my moggy chooses the space behind mine as one of her snoozing spots. The supersoaker has got to be worth a try.

29 Jun, 2009


I just glare at them and they're gone. I s'pose I've got that kind of face!... LoL

29 Jun, 2009


surely not Bbb. :o)

29 Jun, 2009



They run away every time they see me because I allways shoosh them but that doesn't stop them coming back and mark the territory, I have already ordered two plants, if they do not repels them I hope that it will cover their disgusting smell, anyway, at least I will enjoy the curry smell.

I am wandering if they do not like mints and citruc herbs smell.

2 Jul, 2009


They're not supposed to like the smell of Coleus canina - the plant gets marketed as the 'scaredy cat plant'. Whether it works - no idea.

4 Jul, 2009


I bougth a few plant of shoo cats but they still very little.

I am planting a lot of herbs around the gardens they suppose to repell insects as well.

It looks like that my home made repellent is working against ants and cats - in a mug I put some bicarbonate, few drops of Mandarin, tee tree, peppermint and cinnamon leaf essential oils, neem oil and e-cover whashing up liquid I dilute with water and spry everything; this mixure should be good as well for the plats because it is a fungicide and antiviral too.

6 Jul, 2009

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