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taking cuttings off geranium's

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

what is the best time to do my cuttings to save for next spring.



I am no expert on the time but I think a lot of people take tip cuttings off the parent plants in late winter spring. The parent plant of course overwintered indoors.

The other option is of course now, but this could potentially involve a line of young plants all along your windows for even longer. Keeping them going in a greenhouse is sometimes more tricky usually because of the higher levels of moisture where they can easily rot or get Botrytis

10 Aug, 2009


If you have room, take some now, but spring is good too. They are best kept a little on the dry side over winter and repot in spring, then take more cuttings!

10 Aug, 2009


Now was the time I would take some 2,000 geranium cuttings. Take a cutting to the node two and a half inches long. Pot up in a 4 inch clay pot, 5 round the outside and 1 in the middle. The compost for seed sowing is strong enough, with more grit added you can use rooting compund if you like.

10 Aug, 2009


Thanks Dr Bob similar to multi potting fuchsia cuttings.

I must try this with my geranium cuttings when they stop flowering.

26 Aug, 2009

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