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brussells sprouts

Leics, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know if its too late to plant seeds for brussells sprouts as we would like some for Christmas.I have a small greenhouse so could keep them in there. Anyone tried planting seeds around this time of year?



I would have thought you are too late for this year. Brussels sprouts need to be grown outside, not in a greenhouse. They are one of the veggies that tastes better after a light frosting. Take a look at

I'd say it was okay to start them up to around mid June but not after that.

16 Aug, 2009


Thanks alot Moon grower I'll forget about it this year then and try next year instead.

16 Aug, 2009


Good luck Richard... I love brussels sprouts

16 Aug, 2009


Thanks Moon grower I'll ry and remember to start them off earlier next year. Good luck with your 'moon veggies'

16 Aug, 2009


Oh the moon veggies are doing great! We harvested our onions today and the ones in the moon bed were much bigger than those in the control bed. Remember in both cases these are being grown organically.

16 Aug, 2009


That's good news Moon grower perhaps you have hit on something there. I expect you are waiting to see if the other veggies are bigger also. Hope they are, anyway the both lots should taste great if they are organic!

16 Aug, 2009


Definitely, we harvested the onions today and yup... moon bed ones bigger :-) Richard this is not something I have come up with but a way of growing which has been in existence fir over 2,000 years.

16 Aug, 2009


Thanks for that Moon grower I have never heard of that system of growing before and thought it was something new that you were trying-oops!! they say you learn something new each day so I guess that was it!

16 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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