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I have two of these and one seems to have ground to a halt-absolutely no new (or old) growth this season. It doesn't look at all healthy.....I have tried a 'plant doctor' liquid tonic for ailing plants but that made no difference.
The other specimen made new growth but so slowly....Is that quite normal for these?
Both are in large containers (approx 24inches across)

On plant Phoenix canariensis



Do the pots have suitable drainage, are the plants waterlogged in this 'lovely' summer? You will need to protect them through the worst of the winter, against a warm wall or in a greenhouse, porch or conservatory. Don't wrap them up all winter but use sacking and straw over the worst weather. They do grow slowly, too. They are not the hardiest of palms, try Trachecarpus fortuneii for true winter hardiness in Britain.

3 Sep, 2009


Are the pots too big at this stage? As this can cause root rot as well as too much water.

3 Sep, 2009


Thanks for your response.....Had I realised how slooooow these are I would probably not have considered buying....! I just thought at the time they would add an 'exotic' flavour to my garden.
I usually water until I see it trickling from the bottom...Is that too much?

The other thing is - pot sizes; I have known for some time that you are supposed to go through sizes a step at a time- but never been too sure why?

4 Sep, 2009


I only mentioned this about pot size for this particular plant. As too large a pot size and or over watering is known to cause root rot in this plant. letting the compost die out occassional seems to do it no harm. it does not need fertiler ( tonic) till its established, Try neglecting it but keep it warm in winter as volunteer said.

4 Sep, 2009


If your plant cannot take up the water it is given in a day or two, the plant is sitting in water which most plants hate. Your plant likes it on the dry side so ensure its pot has plenty drainage holes, then drill a few more.

To test if it needs watering push a BBQ wooden skewer down to the roots, leave it for five mins. then take it out and if its damp don't water. If it's dry, water.

Another reason for non growth could be Vine weevel grub which can decimate plants roots and can kill the plant.

I hope this helps. If it doesn't, at least it gave you something to read.

4 Sep, 2009


Thanks guys- Lots of food for thought....

5 Sep, 2009

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