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By Elpaul

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What's the average age of a leylandii. Mine were already 30 ft high when I moved here 12 years ago, and now the boundary wall next to them has tumbled down.



I imagine they can go on a lot longer than that, Elpaul. We inherited some 7 years ago, and they were 20 years old then. They must be about 40' tall and look fit to continue for years yet. We are lucky in that they are in a part of the garden where they are not a problem.

7 Nov, 2012


No-one knows, the original plants are still alive and growing.

7 Nov, 2012


As a victim of a " hedge from hell" I would say " too bl**dy long"

This one has been up over twenty years and if it were not for me cutting it back it would be into the stratosphere by now.!

7 Nov, 2012


Personally, unless you have the garden to go with a stately home, I'd be giving serious thought to getting the chainsaw out.

7 Nov, 2012


I agree "To Flippin Long" I'm being more Lady Like LOL They should ban them from gardens, OK if you live in the middle of know where and have a massive garden.

8 Nov, 2012


I planted some as a hedge in the 1970s (to my immense regret, but they were fashionable then and I took a neighbour's gardening advice...)

Went past the garden recently and one at least of the beasties was still alive, now dwarfing the (400-year-old) house!

Plant at your peril...

8 Nov, 2012


Not the trees fault of course, it's the uneducated people who let them get out of hand in the first place.

10 Nov, 2012


too many years lol but as said its just in the wrong place lol .

12 Nov, 2012


the same is done in the fish trade ie koi carp are capable of being 3 feet long and over 20 pounds so not realy good for many but the biggest ponds . they sell tropical fish that can get 6 feet long in shops regulerly . i myself have a fish that can and will grow a healthy 2 feet but i have got a specialy made 2000pound tank but that isnt as common as you see these huge fish . look at some of the snakes that have now taken over florida everglades bye eating the likes of aligaters that you can buy in our shops .if a 14` burmese python isnt dangerous then nothing is lol .always the humans fault especialy the indescrimanant dealers realy .

12 Nov, 2012

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