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Pruning a large bramley apple tree


By Rozz

United Kingdom Gb

We have a large bramley apple tree in the garden which is situated in a very hard to reach spot, which makes it extremely difficult to harvest the apples. We would like to significantly reduce its size, but don't want to kill it by over pruning. I know you are supposed to prune a 3rd each year will it harm the tree if we cut it completly back in one year? We aren't bothered whether we lose the following years apples, as we can't get to them at the moment. Your help would be grateful. Many thanks Rozz




reduce height in the winter of the first year,

reduce spread in the winter of the second year and

clear the centre of overcrowding in the third year

( generally thin out/ manage new growth in summer pruning each following year.- summer pruning reduces new growth, winter pruning promotes new growth)

you can hard prune to the ground if you want but what a shock to the tree, maybe no fruit for a number of years after.

1 do it properly as i said above, or 2 grub it out and replace with a tree on a recognised stock to control final size of the mature tree. Or 3 cut it to six inches above the crown and get a professional to topwork it for you.( graft in new laterals.), option 3 would give you fruit by the third year, maybe even the second but i would remove that in favour of growth)

best regards from james.

5 Sep, 2009


id do what you said in first place or get rid of it and buy a new tree myself as you say realeyes

6 Sep, 2009

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