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Propagating Solanum

Alicante, Spain Es

Does anybody know the best way to propagate these? I stuck 3 stems in a (dark) bottle of water and they are now throwing new leaves along the stems, but I think the top has died.
I was trying to start a plaited standard - hence the 3 stems which are still flexible.



Trim off the dead tops to stop any disease spreading. Its best to wait till roots have appeared in the water, remembering to change the water regularly. The first sign of roots will be raise knobbly patches on the stem, leave a bit longer and then carefully pot up.

You could try basal cuttings- where the shoot is severed at its base. There is often a slight swelling here and the cut should go through this area just below where the leaves were attached to the stem. Basically as you would a normal cutting.
Try some in a pot of compost as well.

will ish help!

9 Sep, 2009


If you wait awhile you'll probaby find it layers itself in the soil. Mine produced several healthy young plants this way and all I had to do was sever their roots from the parent.

10 Sep, 2009

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