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Why is my Rhodedendron so sick ?

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

The leaves have gone quite yellow and the edges look rusty brown. I was told to put rusty nails around the base to get a more favourable ph but I am wondering if I have been given exactly the opposite advice to what is needed !



If iron shortage is the issue, it'd be quicker and a lot easier to go to the garden centre or somewhere and buy some sequestrene tonic - this is an iron based solution for acid loving plants. Don't buy a combined acid feed though - wrong time of year.

13 Sep, 2009


Nightingale unless you have planted the rhododendron in a large pocket or acidic/ericacious soil it is going to have problems. as well as feeding with seqestrene as suggested by Bamboo mulch with composted bark to help acidify the soil.

13 Sep, 2009


The rusty nails will not be causing the problem. Perfect for acid loving plants.
I suspect one or both of two things - over and under watering.
Is it in a container?
There again, were you using rain water or tap water?

13 Sep, 2009

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