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winter colour

London, United Kingdom Gb

my baskets and pots are starting to wain alittle now as time rolls on, any ideas for some winter colour, im new to all this but so far i have planted pansies and violas and cyclamin, is there anything else i could try, im a bit confused as to what will withstand the frosts and genral winter weather



If you go back throught the recent questions 2 or 3 are on this subject which may help you?

14 Sep, 2009


Not much, if you want it to go right through. You could plant some polyanthus or primroses - they'll stay green all winter and flower early in spring, with some smaller bulbs. If you want something to look at all winter, its the usual suspects, I'm afraid: little ivies, small evergreens, like tiny conifers or small versions of shrubs - you can often find very small versions of things like Choisya, Skimmia, Pieris, Euonymus pictata which are basically grown from cuttings and are now about 6/7 inches high, great for a winter in a pot, and then move them on later into the garden or larger pots to themselves. Euonymus microphyllus is a good one - white and green or yellow and green variegated, small shrub anyway, good for pots. Usually combined with winter pansies, which will flower during milder spells in the winter, and get into full throttle early spring.

14 Sep, 2009


thanks il have a look

14 Sep, 2009


thanks, this site is great

14 Sep, 2009


there's a low growing plant that looks good in a pot--possibly sheltered from the harshest weather, its called Gaultheria procumbens,---don't you just love the name--- berries smell slightly of wintergreen!

in my windy garden its just the usual subjects as Bamboo so rightly says
I like the euonymus as they show up on the darkest days-----do we have to talk about the winter---

15 Sep, 2009


Have a look at Spritzhenry's blog from February, some lovely ideas and plantings you could pinch or adapt

15 Sep, 2009


thanks people x

15 Sep, 2009

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