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Why have the ends of our Acer curled and turned yellow?

Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom Gb

Our japanese acer appears to have some damage to the ends of its leaves (see photo). It was transplanted from a fairly shady location aboout a year ago to its current spot which is quite exposed both to sunshine and wind. Might this explain why the ends of its leaves have curled and turned yellow or could there be another reason?

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You are right - acers don't like sunny or windy positions. Its leaves are telling you to move it into the shade and shelter! We have an expert on this sit on growing acers - look at Sodapopkl's pictures!

11 Aug, 2007


Hi Simon
It's wind damage! I've just lost all the leaves on my Acer due to high winds. Needs a very sheltered position. Mine will overwinter and re-leaf next year

11 Aug, 2007


Its showing signs of stress and its unhappy in its new position.The problem is probably due to sun and wind exposure. Acers like shady positions away from direct sun and winds that can burn the leaves.They also like to have their roots in a moisture retentive soil but must not get waterlogged. If it is still showing signs of stress you might consider moving it back to a shady and sheltered position.Hope this helps. Best wishes, Grenville.

12 Aug, 2007


Hi, yes it's the wind that's caused the tips of the leaf to curl, I've had exactly the same problem with my 2 green acers this year, as since we moved up to Chesterfield the wind is a lot stronger than it was down in Leamington Spa. Don't worry thou the leaves will drop off in winter and new shoots will apear next year, just move it back in a shady sheltered spot :-)

13 Aug, 2007


Mine has some white spots on it

2 Jul, 2008


Acer Palmatum like to be growing in shady positions away from strong sunshine and winds. The brown markings on the leaves on your Acer show that it has been exposed to wind and sun damage.It is not very happy growing in its current position. Its best to move it back to a shady position in dappled light.

23 Aug, 2008

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