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acer feeding


By Zinnie

United Kingdom

I planted an Acer Palmatum Altropuruem in the Spring, it is about 60 cm in height. I want to encourage it's growth. What is is the best way to feed it ?

On plant Acer palmatum



I wouldn't feed it at this time of year, Zinnie. Not very long, unfortunately, before it's going to drop its leaves and go dormant. It doesn't want to make a spurt in its growth when it wants to rest - the new growth would be soft and might even get caught by a frost! Wait until early spring and then give it a sprinkling of general fertiliser like blood, fish and bone round its root area.

22 Aug, 2008


Thanks 'spritzhenry'......I will leave it to have it's 'sleep'.

22 Aug, 2008


Thanks, for that answer, Spritzhenry. I've been wondering what treatment my little acer might need, and this helps.

22 Aug, 2008


As you probably know that the acer you have is ericaceous / acid. You'll want to plant it, as you have I'm sure, in a sheltered spot as they do not like full sun. As you have planted it in the ground then you have to be quite strict in feeding it with an ericaceous feed once a year.
Another interesting fact is that if you plant it near conifers then apparently ( as conifers are acidic ) you do not have to bother with feeding as the leaf drop will turn the surrounding soil acid. On removal of the conifers then the soil will revert back to it's normal ph after one season.
A safer bet is that you can be lazy as myself, with a camelia. Is to bury a piece of rusted iron or old bolt. I did this earlier this year with no yellow leaf to indicate chlorosis.

22 Aug, 2008


Thanks ' Adrian'.......I had 'picked-up' the ericaceous/sheltered/sun points, and I think I am OK from that aspect. I posted the question wondering if there were any 'special tricks' to move along it's growth. I will remember the 'rusty bolt trick' for my camelias and peris

22 Aug, 2008


feed for acers

19 Jul, 2009

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