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By Louvane

United Kingdom

Acer palmatum growing beautifully after a very sunny day leaves were burnt by evening. What could have caused the damage so quickly?

On plant Acer palmatum



Was it windy too and is it sheltered enough? They do prefer to be in dappled shade. Wind can scorch the leaves, or the sun if it was really hot.

23 Aug, 2008


I have the same problem. My Acer is in the shadiest part of my garden, but it gets sun for a short time in the morning. In hot dry weather I always get some burnt leaves.

23 Aug, 2008


Acer palmatum hate water getting on their leaves, they are particularly susceptible to leave scorch from drop-lets of water magnifying the suns rays.

Is it possible water droplets got on the leaves from either a rain shower or the hose and were then subject to a burst of the suns rays?, This is usually always the cause.

Take care,


23 Aug, 2008


The other thing I can add ( which I uncovered in my recent searches to understand my Acer Palmatum) is that if an inadequate amount of moisture is reaching the extremities of the leaf, they will shrivel . With so many possibilities it is seems hard to know the real reason ! As it seems so common to have leaves scorching /shriveling I wonder has anyone an Acer that does not suffer from this at sometime?

24 Aug, 2008


Hi - I grow loads of acers, and you've recieved just about every explantion here!! This year I've found has been particularly bad for leaf scorch in my acers. The combination of huge amounts of rain, occasional bouts of hot sun and quite a lot of windy weather has taken it's toll this year I'm afraid. They will do better come a more settled summer (well, fingers crossed!!!)

31 Aug, 2008


Hi Louvane.
The answer to burnt acer leaves is wind burn. I have a beautiful 8ft tall acer palmaton and we had a very windy day in April and my leaves are so bad they have dropped off. But being desideous the leaves will be fine again next year.
Regard Lynch

14 Jul, 2009


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6 Jul, 2017

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