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keeping mint in pots


By Wendiam

West Sussex, United Kingdom

I have had little success with growing mint in pots beyond the first year and I read recently about them getting pot bound and what to do to prolong the life of the plants.
I can't find the reference again and can't remember what was suggested.
Any ideas?



What you need to do is take the mint out of the pot and replant about one third of the roots in fresh compost. I do this in early spring. Hope this helps

26 Sep, 2009


mint needs room to put out runners that take root and give you the new mint so if a pot then a big one I would advise a tub,were it can put out runners

26 Sep, 2009


I do what Andrew said and it works for me I use a good size pot, compost and Iliquid feed it when I feed my baskets mine is apple mint).

26 Sep, 2009


I split mine reuarly too. put the excess in little pots out for passers by

x x x

27 Sep, 2009


Thanks one and all. I now know what to do, another job to add to the [long] list of Spring jobs to do.
But more fun than some of the others.

27 Sep, 2009


Was there a little sigh with that comment hun?
its an endless list just gets bigger and bigger hee hee

x x x

28 Sep, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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