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olive tree


By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

We have an olive tree that is about 15 years old and roughly 7'
tall. we have never had olives appear, only this year there wer some minute bunches of flowers that we thought would turn into olives! They didn't-what we would like to know from any experts out there should we prune the tree back a little? Would it do it good to cut it back slightly? Thanks for your help over the Camomile plancs it's all noted and I'll be looking for some plants in the Spring. By the way we live in South London .



I too have an Olive tree and also get little tiny olives. I think we are too far north to get fruit, unless someone else knows better?

2 Oct, 2009


Yes, I agree.....the Olive is from the warmer climes and needs constant heat and light to produce its fruit....we had an olive farm for a few years with very old gnarled trees which bore lots of fruits ready for picking in November. They do benefit from a good prune to produce larger Olives. In the North of Spain the trees are pruned with the main stem and any upright branches taken off.....this keeps the trees short and wide making for easier harvesting by hand. In the southern areas, the growth remains upright and the olives are harvested by machine.

2 Oct, 2009


We have an ten year old tree, which I pruned last year, it was a mass of flowers this year, but no was our fault didnt feed it. You can harvest the olives but it is a lengthy process, we have never attempted it, there is some very useful advise online, hope this helps.

2 Oct, 2009

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