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Chrysanthemum.Help Please ?
I have grown some chrysanthemums outdoors this year from plants bought over the net,which have now finished flowering and looking very bedraggled . Will they survive and flower again next year if I cut them down and put a spadeful of home made compost on top ?.At the same time I bought some late flowering ones which I kept in pots ,hoping for flowers nearer Xmas,I made the mistake of putting them into the greenhouse ( cold one ),too soon,because they too,have finished flowering and I am not sure of how I should now treat them.
Because they were so beautiful,I would like to continue growing them because they become very interesting ,just as the vegetables are coming to an end.



A friend grew about 20 last year, cut them down in the Autumn (2008), mulched and left. This year only one came up and here garden soil is relatively moist but drains well.
I can ask more questions like 'Where are they- pots or borders?' 'Are they the taller cutting ones?', but you won't be able to respond to me!

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21 Nov, 2009


Now i can ask you the questions as you became a member whilst i was typing the reply!

21 Nov, 2009


Nicky Justvera has been a member for over 2 years lol

21 Nov, 2009


O..? Honestly the avatar said 'Guest' with the tree with a question mark in it. Which is why i repsonded how i did! Honestly, honestly, honest.
Bit strange...

21 Nov, 2009


How odd... oh well!

21 Nov, 2009


I dont tend to cut mine down til the spring. and they come back every year.
The ones in pots could be put outside in the lea of a wall but dont forget to water them. then spring split them and repot/replant in the ground with some compost dug in too. They may not flower that year but will come good next yr. it is well worth the wait.

21 Nov, 2009


My grandad always lifted his in late Autumn and had in them in pots in the cold greenhouse until Spring. Mind you, the winters have changed alot since he was alive and gardeners did many things differently. They seemed to have more time.

21 Nov, 2009

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