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Hi. My garden is wonderful in summer, but come mid August, there isn't a flower in sight. What can I plant next year that will flower later in the summer and into the Autumn? And is it too late to plant something now?

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11 Sep, 2010


also japanes anenome, osteospermum and the annuals cosmos.pelargonium,begonias

11 Sep, 2010


also for august/september crocosmia,physotegia

11 Sep, 2010


Schizostylis will flower right up until December in milder parts of the country - check out Schizostylis coccinea 'Salome' on google - it's absolutely gorgeous.

11 Sep, 2010


Persicaria will flower from July through to November. Asters give wonderful autumn colour, and I agree with Rudbeckia, anenome and schizostylis. Cyclamen hedrofolium is also a great plant for shady woodland areas and can flower from now right through the winter. I also have a knifofia `bees lemon` (red hot poker) that is just coming into its best. Hope this gives you a few ideas.

11 Sep, 2010


Here's a fuller list( sory my computers playing up and it went offline before I could post this earlier)


ageratum,centranthus chrysantthemum rubellium, coreopsis, crocosmia, echinacea pupurea,hardy fuchsia japanese anenome, liriope muscari,osteospermum penstemmon phloc paniculata, physalis francheti,, physostegia virginiana, scabioa caucasia, schizostylis coccinea,sedum spectabile, Rudbeckia, tradescantia virginiana



11 Sep, 2010


Forgot the Gaillardia AM. :o)

12 Sep, 2010


Where are the shrubs in these lists? Hydrangea, caryopteris, ceratostigma, buddleja, clerodendrum, abelia, hibiscus, perovskia, lavender, potentilla, calluna, lespedeza, fuchsia, roses, clematis . . . Phil J

12 Sep, 2010


I think he was asking about flowers as in perennials, wasn't he ?

12 Sep, 2010


which of these can be planted now?

12 Sep, 2010


You can plant virtually all pot grown plants that have been grown outdoors any time when there is no frost in the ground however my preferred time for most things would be from now to early November or in early spring. Planting in late autumn means you are unlikely to need to water the plant/shrub for long if at all and it will settle in over winter and get away quickly in the spring

12 Sep, 2010

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