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Hello everyone.
I just bought a small coffee shop in sunny Algarve and i need some ideas for the outside terrace. I was thinking of using plants to give the idea of a small garden. I have two wall (bare ones...) Any ideas??
Many thanks


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Hi Edpires and welcome to GoY. As a starting point I'd suggest looking to see what other people have on their terraces and in their gardens. This will give you a clear idea of what is able to grow in your area. Good luck and once you've found some plants that will work we'll give you all the help and advise we can.

20 Dec, 2009


Many thanks for your tip...


20 Dec, 2009


Mg is quite right, have a look around and take someone with you with plant knowledge if you are unsure.

One suggestion that wouldn't go amiss for the walls is Trachylospermum (either species). The scent is just wonderful and it can flower for most of the year.

21 Dec, 2009

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