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I have just moved to norfolk and we have a nice sized garden.the trouble is ivy i dont know what type the leaves are darek green and there are dark berries on it i need to get rid of it as it is growing into the sheds on the roof and up trees some of the stems are very thick if we cut it where we can will the higher bits die off



It's best to get as much as you can off when it is still green. The leaves fall for a long time. On some parts you can take it off with a dutch hoe. Poison the roots with S.B.K, neat. Cover with a plastic bag. Welcome to GOY.

5 Jan, 2010


If you cut the stems at the base, the growth above will die - but you will have to pull it off, because the stems root into whatever they're growing up. As Docbob says, if you want to get rid of it completely, you'll need to poison each and every bit of stem/root with SBK. If you're not sure how to use it, I have a blog on Tree stump treatments which describes the process - it also applies to ivy roots! Find it by clicking on my avatar and selecting it from the blogs on my profile page, if you want to. And I'll echo Docbob's welcome to GoY.

5 Jan, 2010


there bothe right and welcome to to goy hope you enjoy the site as i have .

5 Jan, 2010


welcome to goy.
do you know what else you have inherited in your garden?
if not as the growing gets under way post pictures and you are bound to get lots of help.

5 Jan, 2010

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