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While attempting to remove a flower head from a Helenium Autumnale I got some sap on hand, 10 mins later I mistakingly licked my finger to help open a bag ..results were horrendous pain and burning sensation. After ringing poison centre they say this isnt enough to kill a person. 24 hrs later my tongue still hurst like hell ...has anyone else had similar experience and or know any remedies except for sucking ice cubes ?? Many Thanks Andrew

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I suspect the damage is done - you will have a sore tongue for a while till it heals, I'd guess. Think I'd be inclined to pop a Clarityn to see if it helps, but its probably a bit late for that - might be worth a try though, and if it does, continue to take them for a few days. Otherwise what about Bonjela or something? Or a trip to your GP?

9 Aug, 2010


Thankyou for your reply, I did telephone poison centre and ask their advice but they said Id have to eat reasonable qtys to be at any risk. After reading many websites regarding poisonous plants I was suprised at how poisonous this plant actually is. I always wear gloves until this incident which shows you how careful one has to be. I may try some Bonjela now thankyou.

9 Aug, 2010


I'm always hacking these back and digging them out, not wearing gloves, have never had a problem - but then I've never got it in my mouth, my hands are usually so disgustingly muddy and dirty in the garden its not an option till they're washed. I should imagine its just local irritation to the tissues of your tongue rather than any risk of poisoning you fatally with such a tiny amount, but if it doesn't clear within a day or so, I'd be inclined to visit my GP to get him to have a look. although having said that, it takes longer than a week to get an appointment at my doctors, lol!

9 Aug, 2010


Sorry about your tongue but thanks for the question as I didnt know about this. I am assuming its all Helenium Bamboo? must watch my step with mine.

9 Aug, 2010


Apparently, yes - I never realised, but then I always assume that everything in the garden is poisonous unless its a food plant. Didn't know the sap could be irritant, although it seems it doesn't irritate the skin (I've certainly had it on mine).

10 Aug, 2010


thanks Bamboo

10 Aug, 2010

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