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My Hedge has Collapsed.....
We have had over two feet of snow here in N. Wales, and still have more than a foot in the garden. Heaven knows when we'll be able to get out and actually work in the garden!
Part of a well established hedge has collapsed under the weight of the snow. It's not yet possible to shake the snow off it--we can't get anywhere near it. But, when we can do something to it, will it have to come out, or do you think that if we could stake it and support it with wire all the way round, it might grow upright again?
The hedge is made up of a variety of shrubs. It's been there for thirty or forty years, I would guess. It has winter flowering jasmine in it, and a mixture of all sorts.




With a bit of luck you might find once you can shake the snow off, it might spring back again. I am amazed at the resilience of shrubs covered in snow, they seem to be touching the ground but do recover.

1 Apr, 2013


Thanks, that was what I thought/hoped might happen! We'll wait and see.

1 Apr, 2013


then a judicial prune may allow it to recover with new growth.

1 Apr, 2013


Yes, you might have to wait a season or two for it to get back it full height, but don't take it out.

1 Apr, 2013


Thank you again.
Fortunately we get on well with our neighbours, so they won't mind if we trim the hedge back a little.

3 Apr, 2013

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