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By Irene24

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Planted these seeds and put label in its suppose to be night scented stock but i also planted alyssum at the same time could these be the alyssum ?




They're not either

4 May, 2013


What are they then if not either didnt plant anything else?

4 May, 2013


It will be interesting to see what they turn out to be! I don't recognise them

4 May, 2013


Exciting :o)))

4 May, 2013


They look more like ten week stock. perhaps the seed company put them in the wrong pack.

4 May, 2013


Seaburn I just looked up ten week stock and they look a lot like that so thank you it seems they are stock after all

4 May, 2013


and they have a lovely scent but during the day. I tend to plant them in the beds and scatter ns stock seed lightly between the plants. the nss plants don't look good but wow the evening scent is wonderful.

4 May, 2013


I only know that they're not Alyssum.So enjoy your 10 wk stocks!

5 May, 2013

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