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Hi everyone, this questions not so much about plants..
I always have food out for the birds, but sometimes theyre few and far between, and as a result the food sometimes sits for a while. How often should i change it?



I think it depends what food you are puting out and were you are puting it,is it on the ground , a birdfeeding table, or containers,is it seed bred ,fruit, please tell us a little moor.

2 Feb, 2010


I have nuts and seeds in feeders, and those half coconuts full of fat and stuff

2 Feb, 2010


If it's not being eaten it goes stale and mildew quite quickly and the birds won't touch it.
Change the old food once a week i'd say and wash and clean the feeders then aswell because any old remnants left will be detected and they won't eat from there and then that'll get left too.

Try and locate the feeders on branches of /in trees if possible, or at least near to them, and shrubs so that there's plenty of 'cover' for the birds if/when something alarms them ... they'll want to feel safe in their restaurant !!!

Sunflower hearts in hanging feeders will attract all the finches - even Goldfinches - and other small birds.
Suet likewise.
Grain will attract larger birds to the area.

2 Feb, 2010


I agree with Loise,we have the same problem, we have realised that because the birds can feed at two levels we kepted them filled up only to finde that the seeds at the bottom were geting mildue,and of corse the birds deserted them, don't forget the song birds that feed on the floor,I put down slices of apple and raisens ,that get sorted and some fruit and suet pelets,much to the delight of the blackbirds thrushes( only one pair of them ) and wagtails.

2 Feb, 2010


the trouble is its a supply and demand thing realy. i wathched a program on tv wear they had the biggest bird/animal feeding station in britain and they go through hundreds of pounds of food every night and have everything from badgers and deer down to the smallest wren .obviously that is an mite be worth getting a book on the local wildlife in your area . i would start sparingly and build up to a reasnable amount .maybe ask the neighbers or even better the rspb as they will help you no end as you mite be able to help them .my mum has a bird table but if she doesnt net it of pidgeons come down and eat the food in know time.i hope i mite of helped take care bye for now xx

3 Feb, 2010

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