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ants can i plant in my flower bed that the rabbits won,t eat



There is little rabbits wont eat, you will need ot find a way of keeping out of garden.

2 Feb, 2010


I have a rabbit problem too, not just eating the plants but tunneling under them too and I'm slowly learning what will or willnot tempt them I can't make the garden rabbit proof but my neighbour has managed this in the vegetable garden by using chicken wire bent outwards for about a foot deep and wide so they are deterred. I have mostly shrubs in the beds and bedding in pots but I still have problems

2 Feb, 2010


Watch that they don't bark the shrubs in bad weather!

2 Feb, 2010


too true Mg but the rabbits arrived after my dogs had died and so the shrubs are quite large and generally getleft alone although they do like Lonicera baggenses gold even digging down and eating the roots! , they leave the bigger stuff alone but also potentilla, and spirea are not "pruned" (yet) I can't keep roses though, pruned to ground level every time-- sometimes with a new plant surrounding it with sharp sticks or chicken wire can help generally they dig wherever there is bare soil its a matter of trial and error with lots of frustration!!

3 Feb, 2010

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