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Kolkwitzia- wiegela ! ( spelling ?)9

Can't believe it's me can you .? i can't either. You may remember me recently sending a picture of a small pink
Flower with leaves and it was decided it was a Kolkwitzia or a weigela ?
It's a nice bush so I took 6 cuttings which now have good root systems and I have put in larger pots. Question is - was I wasting my time or will they grow similar to the parent plant. And - when they grow further can I keep them in large tubs ?




If you've taken cuttings (vegetive propagation) they will have exactly the same traits as the parent plant.

They will be fine in a tub but will never grow to the proportions of the parents. Keep watered and fed and re-pot every 2-3 years with fresh compost

13 Jul, 2013


They look like weigela to me

13 Jul, 2013


I agree with weigelia, the leaves look a bit too big for Kolkwitzia, still make a nice shrub though, Derek.

13 Jul, 2013


Thanks guys, for the weigela decision and other info. I'll do as you say and look forward to the result.

13 Jul, 2013

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