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As some of you may know, we recently moved house and brought most of the plants with us , including a big Rhodie and many others. The big one is special as all the family clubbed together to buy it for my husbands birthday, 7 years ago. It was huge with an enormous root ball. I bought the largest pot I could and got it to its new home safely. It carried on growing and a few weeks later flowered as it had never flowered before. Now 3 months later, its leaves are turning yellow and dropping off. I have given it an iron feed and it is in Ericaceous compost. What can I do to save it ?



Rose may be if you can plant it into the ground would be better.

I have been feeding all my rhodendrums and shall do so again in Spring.

Mine are all in ground never tried in a pot.

I so hope you can save it .

Good luck.

20 Sep, 2013


What are you feeding them with Kath?

20 Sep, 2013


Miracle- gro have an ericaceous feed

20 Sep, 2013


Linda I use Westland Rhododendrom,Azalea and Camelia liquid feed .

20 Sep, 2013


I can't put them in the garden here Scotkat as there isn't the space, plus with the garden being heavy clay and have come from borders with light sandy soil. I could try a miracle grow feed , but as its coming up to Autumn , might be the wrong time to do it !
Thank you both.

20 Sep, 2013


Hi, as you say it has a huge rootball, are you sure that any water you have given it has been adequate enough to get right into the centre of the rootball, I would try giving it a good soaking, and see what happens, I would not feed it at this time of year, as this will encourage soft new growth, which could be damaged by frost, Derek.

20 Sep, 2013


Rose, I think it's probably needing a good water. I never usually need to bother with watering them but a few of them started suffering a few weeks back. They got a good soak and have dropped all their yellow leaves. Now they look like they should!

20 Sep, 2013


If its really big try inserting a hollow pipe to gt the water further down the roots, you will probably have to insulate the pot over the winter, have you got it on wheels so it can be moved to a sheltered spot

21 Sep, 2013


Seven years in the ground will have meant you inevitably lost root material when digging it up and then containing it in a pot, even a very large pot. The most likely explanation is transition shock - the buds which flowered will already have been present, and plants often flower prolifically anyway in a desperate attempt to reproduce before they kick the bucket. Doesn't mean it will die, but don't feed it anything at all again this year. All you can do is keep it comfortable (don't stress it by letting it dry out too much, nor keep it soaking wet, keep it out of cold winds and hot sun, in other words, the plant equivalent of intensive care) and hope that it eventually recovers. You may, if it does recover, have to remove any dead parts.

21 Sep, 2013


Thankyou Derekm, Scottish and Pamg for your advice. I knew deep down this was the case Bamboo. Thats what I am doing now and will continue to do. It is in a good position sheltered from the cold winds and the early morning sun.
I have read about plants especially Rhodies thinking they are going to die, so do really well.

21 Sep, 2013


Glad you got your answer Rose....I was going to say just make sure the pot is well drained. About the only thing that will do for it (apart from diseases) is bad drainage, as I learned to my cost when I planted some here in my clay!

22 Sep, 2013


Thanks Karen, I can only hope that it will survive now. I love the new profile picture and of course the title...Cottagekaren ! Very apt !

23 Sep, 2013

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