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Hi. We have a fox/foxes who visits our garden daily. I love to watch him but i am getting a bit worried in case he passes something on to my dog. Not only that, i plan to start my vegetable plot this spring and i don't fancy having all my crop eaten. I have fencing on either side of my garden but the only thing seperating me from the allotments are some old lilac trees.I'm thinking of puting up some plastic coated wire mesh fencing to a height of 6 foot across the bottom of my garden as this is where he's coming in. Do you think this will stop him or do you think i am wasting my time?



Hi Guest
I have foxes in my garden. There has been at least two, probably related, in a quiet part of my garden for the past thirty years. I love watching them and I admit I often feed them. In the spring they dig holes in my lawn. I believe they are showing their young how to feed themselves on worms. It drives me spare, so I give them dog food so they will forget about the worms.
We have cats, but the foxes don't bother them. I have never heard of foxes eating vegetables. Ask Moon_ grower.

21 Feb, 2010


Hi Guest, I don't think you will have to worry about fox's eating your veg. They would have to be VERY hungry to do this. As to them passing any disease onto your pets then there is a concern that they could do but a wire fence wouldn't stop them. They would either climb over it or dig under it if they were determined enough to get in!

22 Feb, 2010

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