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spotty leaves on an Indian Shot plant


By Crab

surrey, United Kingdom Gb

  I have recantly bought a Indian Shot plant but have notice milky white spot markings appearing on the leaves,is this a fungus or can the leaves be wipped clean in anyway anyone any ideas ??

On plant Canna



You could try an anti fungal treatment. It could be mildew. I don't think Canna's are particularly prone to this, since I have a lot of them and have never seen this problem on them. There's a first time for ebverything.

18 Jun, 2008


thanks for that.another question is that the plant is called a lilly,i am allergic to lillies will this plant have the same effect as other flowering lillies ???.

18 Jun, 2008


As far as I know they are a completely different family to Lilies.

18 Jun, 2008


thanks for your help. As you can possably tell i am quite new to tropical plants.

18 Jun, 2008

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