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I am wanting to plant some sort of tree / bamboo in pots along a fence line but will be on a patio, i want something that is tall to go over the fence line and be bushy so we dont have to see our neighbours, not sure what to get and what sort of pot to grow it in, cant seem to find any pots deep enough or could you grow in may a dustbin if you put holes in the bottom?



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14 Jan, 2014


First, yes you can use dustbins so long as you put holes in the bottom. That's a good idea if you want a real tree because it'll have a lot more root room, essential for larger topgrowth, although contained in a pot, they'll never reach full size.
Otherwise, Bamboo to check out, Phyllostachys is good in pots - gets 13 feet, comes in black (nigra) or yellow (aureum) stemmed. Doesn't bush out much though, so you'd need the pots pretty close together.

15 Jan, 2014


An alternative is to add trellis to the top of the fence and grow things up it - but only if its your fence...

15 Jan, 2014

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