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I'm just going to fix that broken trellis......


I’m sure you have all started those little jobs that are supposed to take only 30 minutes…..2 weeks later and you are still not finished! Ring a bell with anyone?

One of my trellis panels which was supporting a honeysuckle had started to come loose “I will sort that tomorrow” I told myself.

The offending trellis panel, complete with honeysuckle……

Attempting to untie the Honeysuckle was a no go, I knew I should have taken more time to tie it in correctly in the first place!! Loppers out and off we go, trellis down a few wee screws should sort this in no time.

All this would have been fine had I not had time too sleep on it and have a ‘brainwave’….I should paint the fence whilst this is down. Next morning, off to DIY Store for a couple of tins of fence treatment. Yes, you have guessed....3×5l tins of fence treatment, a couple of new trellis panels, a couple of posts, cement for said posts and a tin of Cuprinol Shades in Holly – I have always admired Homebird’s trellis colour choice and how it shows up the plants well. What on earth was I going to do with those trellis panels?? I’ll think about that tomorrow, I told myself!

Paintbrushes out – and off I go!! Starting at the back fence…yes there is a clematis and a rambling rose growing on this fence. Best bet was to cut the clematis back, it was getting a bit of mildew anyway, but the rose had to be carefully unattached, you can imagine just how many swear words one can think of whilst continually getting thorns stuck in your fingers. Wear gloves…I hear you say, no matter how much I know I should wear gloves, I just don’t like it!

Back fence before…..

Back fence after….

Well that’s the hard job done…..the rest should be a doddle I tell myself….oh, I did forget that the other fences had climbers growing up them too!


After…..I did attempt to remove the trellis but after breaking of some of the Clematis armandii – I gave up.

Fence was all painted right down to the side garden – til I met up with another Honeysuckle. I decided against cutting this back and would leave this section of fence until I know for sure the other Honeysuckle has recovered from it’s pruning.

I’ll paint up the mended trellis….still have no idea what to do with the others I have bought, but painted them and the new posts. Trellis and little bird feeders I bought are now back in situ….well nearly the same place….

You will notice the 2 new trellis panels just to the left of the picture, that is another blog!

After standing back and admiring my work – I decided to paint the trellis panel which hides the junk area at the back of the shed. That will use up the wee drop paint I have left. This one has a Pyracantha growing through it….yes I can confirm the thorns from Pyracantha are much more vicious than that of the rambling rose!!!


Once this little trellis was done…I just had to do the other as it now looked out of place…..

For the perfectionist amongst you….yes the wisteria is completely in the wrong place. I planted this here 4 years ago and did not consider much into the future….I chopped it off after the frost sent me over the edge in April – it killed of the only 2 flower buds it had ever produced!! I’ll dig this out when I have time I told myself way back then!! Low and behold it produced new growth, so will leave if for now and see what happens.

Now the shed…..



I’ll get started on my border now….all the plants have been waiting for nearly 2 weeks now, but wait, I still have 3/4 of a tin of paint left… need to waste it, is there?

The bird table which was going to be binned after the winter….

My wooden planters….

So 3 trips to the DIY store for stocks of paint later…there you have it…..job done…….well almost!!

I still have some paint left, just enough to do this I think!!

Did I mention that on one of my many trips to the DIY Store for paint I picked these up in the sale….

There will be no need to make a trip to the GC for climbers next year….
I’ve had a disaterous year with my clematis this year…
Most of the are now in the ‘Clematis Hospital’ awaiting their new homes in the garden next year…..

Thanks for stopping by and reading all about my hard work…well it wasn’t really that hard, if only the gale force winds and rain had not slowed me down….

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your garden looks wonderful and what a difference that dark blue makes ~ its lovely.

25 Sep, 2011


Wow, you've been busy ..
the blue is a great choice ...
well done on the improvements :o)

25 Sep, 2011


Aah! But what a difference, Scottish! It looks so good!
I love that colour you've works so well to enhance and highlight the garden!

Well done, you, well worth all the hard work and...all the trips! (Hope you've got a fidelity card so you can go and get more rewards!) :)))))

25 Sep, 2011


Im worn out just reading this blog Scottish, Phew. Amazing transformation, what a difference a tin of paint makes, well in your case 3 or was it 4 lol. The dark petrol blue is a gorgeous colour, I really, really like it. Well done on the massive job you took on, and enjoy your new garden in next weeks heatwave..

25 Sep, 2011


Agree with everyones comments Scottish!!
It all looks fabulous.

25 Sep, 2011


Thank you all for your lovely comments, I'm really please with the Dark GREEN paint!
I don't believe I'm having to join the 'I need a new camera for Christmas' campaign!!!!! lol
I think it was the fading light earlier today that made it look blue. Thought it was only the purple that it made look blue. Will need to investigate in the sunlight!
Thank you Sticki and Terra :)
Karen B&Q don't have a loyalty card, wish they did, I'd be quids in, and I never have time to wait until a Wednesday when mum could use her OAP card (which she didn't want to get as it made her old!!) She point blank refuses to go for her bus pass!
YDD, I'm sorry to have tired you out :) I still have lots more fence to paint but will do this at my leisure over the next few weeks, although that means whenever I sit down I will look at it and feel guilty.
Thanks Lil :) Not mosiacs or art but I'm glad you like it :)

25 Sep, 2011


Crikey you must like painting and putting your poor hands and arms through the mill, I have enough battles pruning and deadheading my roses, I`m afraid my stain is still unopened in the shed, its top of my ToDo List, trouble is I just find that job so tedious and also I get in a right old state, the only thing to get painted in my garden so far this year is my little bicycle planter.
Yours does look really good, one of these days I might get myself motivated...

25 Sep, 2011


very sorry scottish ~ it looked dark blue ~ and very nice too ~ im sure dark green looks good as well!

25 Sep, 2011


Wow you have been so busy..well done!!!! It all looks wonderful..and I thought it was kinda petrol blue.
Have a rest now put yer feet up and have a wee glass or two! great blog hen:)

25 Sep, 2011's one of the jobs you never want to do, that's why I have chosen to do it all at once, just to get it over and done with. I'm sure you will get round to it in time. Thanks for your nice comments.
Sticki, green/blue - it's like torquoise - some say green and some say blue. Looking back over the pictures in a better light, it does look blue in them. I should have noticed this when I posted but was watching X factor at the same time :)
Thanks Pixi....I'll save the 'small refreshments' too the weekend. I'm not finished so can't put the feet up just yet :)

25 Sep, 2011


:)))) watched that too and downton abbey!

25 Sep, 2011


downton abbey is great isnt it.
who was good on x factor?

25 Sep, 2011


I haven't watched Downton yet, once I come of this bl**dy computer I will put it on.
X Factor was the decider on who goes to Judges houses Sticki.
There are a few good ones and a few who don't deserve to be through, depends on your taste tho'.
The girls are all great. Jade from Fife is going to have to be my favourite til she gets booted of for being Scottish.

25 Sep, 2011


I like Jade too and one ro two others..some shouldnt have got through but then they always do that!
Downton abbey is great!

25 Sep, 2011


Nite nite Pixi, am off to watch Downton and Spooks before sleep xx

25 Sep, 2011


Fan-tas-tic job!! Beautiful colour of green, Scottish, I painted anything that wasn't nailed down in my previous garden that colour! Fencing, arbour, lasts really well too! Doesn't it make everything look so different in the garden when you change the colour! Although I can't change the colour of some of my fences..I painted them black! It really shows up plants though! Your garden is really lovely too, Scottish, that's a smashin' bit of pruning and training you did on your rose in the second picture, it looks like something out of a gardening book! Lovely!

25 Sep, 2011


You chose a lovely colour for the fences etc. They look really nice now.
You garden is immaculate. It's a joy to behold.

26 Sep, 2011


wow .................... lol . alls worth doing wen it looks as lovely as this !! put ur feet up and have a cupper now , enjoy the sun thats hopefully comeing our way x

26 Sep, 2011


oh it looks really fab, i love the holly colour paint, i might get some, u have worked so hard, makes me feel quite quilty, am always on ebay instead of doing jobs.

26 Sep, 2011


i love downton abbey and spooks too, spooks was so sad though. havent watched downton yet will get it off the planner.

26 Sep, 2011


What a lovely colour you chose.

27 Sep, 2011


If it doesn't move, paint it!

Enjoyed your blog Scottish.

27 Sep, 2011


Thanks Libet....your comments are appreciated. As for the Rose - just planted this year, it won't flower til next!
Advice on care etc from Bamboo and Drc. This is the first ever rose I have grown, I do have another climber now, but I saw this rose on a gardening show and thought I just have to have it. Roll on next year!! only looks imaculate - some days it looks like a bomb has hit it! Thanks for your lovely comments :)
Cristina, thank you and yes, I have been enjoying the sun.
Cazcat...hello stranger - how are you? Thanks for your comment. Get off ebay - get into the garden and enjoy the weather while we still have it! :)
Thank you Clarice and Frybo :)

28 Sep, 2011


Oh dear, I feel so lazy now. Painting fence panels, sheds etc. are just some of the things I never seem to get round to. You've done a great job tho' and now you should just sit out there tomorrow with a cup of tea and some cake and admire your garden in all its new glory.

28 Sep, 2011


Thank you TuesdayB x

28 Sep, 2011


Wow! Scottish, you have a lot more energy than me!! Fantastic work and I was laughing as I went a long and the jobs just kept growing!! WELL DONE, now have a rest eh? :))))

4 Oct, 2011


Thanks Karen. I'm trying to rest, still too much to do. Should be finished sometime in December :))

4 Oct, 2011


Love the hard work. Garden shows you care deeply. As for wood staining. Has to be done, I too hate it, and try to keep the wooden fence natural, but it darkens over winter. Then I bleach the thing. never comes back to what I want. someone told me baking soda dissolved in water and sprayed on will do the aging thing. I think I will give it a try. Once you stain/paint you have a maintainance issue. the older I get the longer I think about getting that started!

As for a 30 minute job.. you have to be careful not to think too hard about it, but we have all been there. For me, it's a never ending trip!

5 Oct, 2011


Thanks Rusty....I didn't want to stain the fence either but once I started the trellis - it looked like it need doing!!
Yeh, all my 30 minute jobs tend to stretch themselves out!

5 Oct, 2011

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