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If I plant bomboo in my garden will it take over?



yes why not the bamboo likes fresh ground anyplace sunny or not but you beware because this plant spreads herself so let it in big pot or somethig like this stop the roots

i think than my english isn't good

21 Jun, 2008


Alexandre is right. The Bamboo will spread, although it can be contained or looked after by planting it in the ground with a barrier placed around the roots. This will stop the roots from being able to travel and send shoots up.

21 Jun, 2008


Oh, Oh, Oh!
I'm in with the other replies,
Do not plant it if it has runners! When I had my home we planted some. I loved it dearly but unfortunately it loved to spread & spread & spread!
It would pop up in the lawn it was growing under the house. Obviously what we had was extremely invasive!
So make sure you know what variety you are getting and act accordingly.



22 Jun, 2008

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