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Bulb migration


By Tabitha

Michigan, United States Us

This will sound odd, but my bulbs seem to struggle regardless of the species I plant. I measure the depth and plant when I am supposed to plant, but the next season I have spindly foliage and minimal flowering if any. I have tried to dig them up to relocate and they always seem to be much deeper than my planting depth. Do bulbs migrate downward? Should I plant them at a depth that is less than what is recommended?



What do you do when the flowers die in the first season? It's important to leave the leaves alone until they die back naturally, because this when the plant is storing energy ready for next year's growth.

Almost all a bulb's growth comes from energy stored the previous season -- that's how they survive in their niche of early season growers.

1 Jul, 2008


Yes, bulbs do go further down. it's better to plant them deeper than the packets say, they seem to like this. They also like being fed!

1 Jul, 2008

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