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Planting up new pond- Where do I start?


By Great

London, United Kingdom Gb

Pond plants needed! Would like to balance the ecology of my new pond. Don't know where to start! Now I have my pond, which is made out of an old tin bath; How many plants should I put in it? also what plants should I use. This tiny pond is for wildlife NOT fish. I am a bit worried about under/over stocking my new pond. Would like native plants please. Could I have a water lilly or is this pond too small for one? Thanks for your help.




Great I would say the pond is too small for a water lily. You need some oxygenating plants and I would let them settle in and do their work before putting anything else in, especially as you want this to be a wild life pond. At the small size it is you will need to top up the water regularly from water in your rain but as there will be a fair bit of evaporation.

2 May, 2010


How big do pygmey water lillies get MG, I was thinking I might be able to have just one? Never had a proper pond before lol

2 May, 2010


Not sure we have a normal one which would cover half your pond surface. Try a google search...

2 May, 2010


A pygmy lily would be fine but nothing bigger. Avoid vigourous plants like water mint, believe me it is a thug. You could try yellow flag iris in the soil aroung the edge. they are a british mative. forget me nots look good too.

2 May, 2010


Thanks SBG, now the yellow flag iris i have heard of, but I think where ponds are concerned thats the only one I know. Forget me nots are they blue?

2 May, 2010


usually yes they are blue. but there may be other colours from all the plant breeding that has been going on.

2 May, 2010

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