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Computer scam update

They have caught the scammers who targeted Windows users (several of us had received phone calls from an Indian call centre). They were based in luton and got prison and/or fines. Good job too I say.



\0/ \0/ hurray!

thanks cammomile....

1 Apr, 2014


A few months ago I had a phone call from a so called "Windows Support", as I had read about the scammers and also have seen videos on youtube I was alert of this type of thing....I just put the phone down...and havn´t had anymore calls from them.....btw the videos are interesting.....they show just to what extent they will go to.

1 Apr, 2014


It really made my day to hear that Cammomile... Hurray.

I try to trap these scammers, usually the Nigerian ones, and play along with them to waste their time and try and keep them away from the real potential victims with a view to getting enough information from them to report them.

I abhor these low life scum who prey on the vulnerable with the sole intention of extracting as much money as they can from them. All the information that I gather is shared between other like minded people and a lot of my "Scambaits" have been published on various websites, most of them very hilarious... Google scambaiting.

Like most of GoY members, I regularly received calls from someone purporting to be from Microsoft, informing me I had a problem with Windows. I used to keep them hanging on the line for ages, telling them I needed to switch my computer on and it took ages to boot up.

One of these idiots once told me to open windows. When I told him that I'd done what he asked but it was cold because the windows was now open letting in all the cold air he spent a lot of time trying to tell me step by step what I needed to do. After about 30 minutes I finally told him that I couldn't understand why Microsoft was contacting me to tell me I had a problem because my computer was an Apple Mac. After a few expletives from him, he put the phone down... Classic, haha.

1 Apr, 2014


Nice one Myron

1 Apr, 2014


Ha! Ha! He! He! Myron.
Glad they have caught the scum, I won't repeat what I tell um to go and do.
Well, I am LadyEssex1 after all LOL

2 Apr, 2014


I remember getting one of those. We were having our windows replaced by the Council with Double Glazing at the time when the call came, and my Mum asked me how they knew we were having our windows done.

I explained about the different types of windows. Lol

Glad they have been caught.

2 Apr, 2014


We've had lots of calls like that, I'm pleased they've caught some of them, I cannot repeat some of what I've said to them......

2 Apr, 2014


Well done Myron! Thanks for the info Cammomile.

2 Apr, 2014


Take a look at this link, a good way to play them at their own game I think.

2 Apr, 2014

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