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my pumpkin plant has been flowering away like mad but after the flower has faded it just drops off, what is the secret of keeping them on the plant until they turn into pumpkins



Well the flowers will only turn into pumpkins if they are pollinated. Why don't you try hand pollination?

17 Jul, 2008


This may sound quite dim but I am new to all this, what exactly do I have to do to hand pollinate?

18 Jul, 2008


The pollen has to be transferred from one flower to another, usually this happens when insects move from one to another. As the insect moves about on the flower the pollen sticks to its body and is brushed off when it visits another. Many growers use an artist's paintbrush to do the same job, lightly collecting the pollen from one flower and brushing it on to the stigma of another to ensure pollination.

19 Jul, 2008


I have been out with my brush this morning so fingers crossed. thanks

19 Jul, 2008


My fingers are tightly crossed for you too.;-)
Do keep us posted on progress, won't you ?

19 Jul, 2008


how exciting I have a pumpkin! Im just hoping its not going to drop off. thanks for the advice

23 Jul, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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