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Planting question. I have recently been given a huge amount (50) terracotta pots varying in sizes tinsie, tiny, medium, the largest is about 20 cm in diameter. I would like to do a display with lollipop primulas and primulas candalabra. I managed to get some plants the other day and wanted to plant them up in small individual pots. My question is are they ok planted up individually in small pots or am I better of planting a couple in a larger pot? Also how frost resilient are they when planted up in small pots? I suspect they'de be more prone to frost damage? Having said that we've hardly had any frost (yet) in rural Shropshire! Will try to add some photo's once I've been in the garden which I will venture into now despite the pouring rain!



The first thing is that Primula Candelabra need moist soil so unless you're prepared to water the pots religiously they will die. If you have a damp area in your garden they would be better there. I also think if you really want them in pots then group them into one.

Best time to put plants in when it's raining! Good luck.

6 Feb, 2016


Agree with Arbuthot Primula pulverulenta needs almost bog like conditions and semi-shade. We have a challenge with growing here in the ground whilst a friend who lives in Fort Augustus where there is a high rainfall almost views them as weeds! Primula denticulata also needs moist conditions so neither is suited to being grown in pots, especially if terracotta as they dry out quicker than plastic.

6 Feb, 2016


Possibly the best way to keep the compost moist would be to stand the pot in a saucer and make sure it always has water in it. But as MG states, terraacotta pots will tend to dry out fairly quickly.

6 Feb, 2016


The primulas won't like it... look for something that is happy with dryish conditions!

6 Feb, 2016


Ive these primulas and as said above, mine are in boggy conditions by the pond where they love it. It's started to come back double what it was last year when I planted it. I put their good growth down to the fact that when the pond is full to the top the water seeps/gently overflows into the boggy area.. Good luck with yours :))

You could even in your largest pots have different styles of plantings in them like a boggy one, one with a small rose or something etc for a different feel..

7 Feb, 2016


Thanks, will have a think so it's good to know that they need boggy shady conditions.

9 Feb, 2016

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