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Will a forsythia tolerate a north facing position in quite a lot of shade?
Hope so!



it should grow but not be at its best. I have one behind the shed and shaded for some of the day. (I put it there because they aren't particularly attractive the rest of the year, and I wanted it mainly to cut the flowers to cheer up the house - they will open indoors from mid February and I always have a couple of sprays open by the beginning of March.) Best thing is to try it and see. It might grow a bit straggly but as you prune off all the flowered branches every spring that should keep it in check. Did you know you can now get a dwarf one that will grow in a large pot?

17 Apr, 2016


yes it will tolerate deep shade, but as Steragram says it wont be at its best.

18 Apr, 2016


Thank you to both of you. We planted it there to help to hide a rather ugly wall.

I shall keep an eye on it to see how it gets on.

18 Apr, 2016

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